sms best practices
LISTEN: SMS Best Practices Amanda Polk - Vice President, Miller Public Relations   Text messages have a 209 percent higher Read more
lead management
After what you think is a successful consult, you expect your patient to say yes. Instead, you hear a response Read more
Lead Management
Healthcare marketing presents a unique challenge: people don’t seek healthcare services until they need to. Unlike before, where this wasn't Read more
lead management
The Importance of Seeing Beyond the “No” While a good number of patients say yes to a given procedure after Read more
SMS Toning
Toning in Your SMS Messages Practices have tapped SMS messages for more targeted and efficient prospect outreach efforts, given its Read more
SMS Texting
Should You Text With Your Prospects? Short answer, YES. Long answer, YES. But as long as you follow the rules. Read more
Patient Reviews
Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews for Your Medical Practice Patient reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth. Prospects now research practices online Read more
Marketing Automation
Automate Your Process, Not the Relationship There’s no denying that automation is a critical element to scale. It minimizes the Read more
Lead Management
Best Practices for Patient Messaging The fact is, today's generation of healthcare consumers is a lot different than 20 or Read more
Lead Management
What are You Doing About No-Shows? Patient no-shows are a pain point of every medical practice. No-shows equal lost revenue, Read more
Lead Management
Why Didn’t That Consultation Turn into A Surgery? Are you having a hard time turning your consultations into a surgery? Read more
lead management
How to Get Referrals from Patients Patient referrals are one sure-fire way of attracting new patients and growing your practice. Read more
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