Posted on June 30, 2022 in General

What’s not to love about the warm summer months. The sun’s out, the skies are blue, and the weather is just perfect. Summer is a good time of the year to let your team know how valued they are. Appreciating them will go a long way in increasing employee satisfaction and decreasing turnover.

Here are some fun ways to reward your staff this summer for all their hard work.

Free Lunch

Surprise your team with lunch at the office. Consider ordering take-out from a restaurant that offers healthy, delicious meals or have lunch catered at work. Apart from showing your employees you care and appreciate their efforts, this will be an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better.

Company Outings

Summer outings like bowling, picnics, or pool parties might just be what your employees need to get them through the hot summer days. These kinds of outings are great for enhancing camaraderie among team members, strengthening personal relationships, and re-energizing your staff.

Ice Cream Treat

Who doesn’t like ice cream, especially on a hot summer day. This can be a great way to end or start your work week. To let everyone in on the fun, bring a variety of flavors, taking note of any allergies your employees might have. A midday treat will give you a chance to thank your team for everything they do for your company. Plus, it’ll put a smile on their faces, help fight the summer heat, and encourage your team to relax some more.


Why not throw down a barbeque at an open public space, the park, or a hired venue. Once you find the ideal spot, all you need is sausages, burgers, snacks, and salad, and you’re sorted. Some drinks and music too could make it more fun. Remember to account for any vegans and vegetarians. A classic barbeque is one of the best ways for staff to bond and socialize out of the office. And you can be sure you’ll all have a blast.

Casual-Dress Days

The combination of suits, ties, and summer doesn’t really go well together. Even with the office AC pumping all summer long, the hot weather outside can leave your team uncomfortable and tired before they get to work. So, go ahead and allow your employees to dress down this summer. They’ll be more comfortable and relaxed throughout the season.

Summer Hours

What better way to counter the summer slump than to cut back some hours for your team. Rather than have unmotivated employees at work on a Friday, give them half-day Fridays or allow them to leave a couple of hours early on Friday. Being more flexible can do wonders for your team. The result will be high morale and greater enthusiasm for work come Monday and even the rest of the week.

Team Building

With so much sunshine and fine weather, you can add some spice to the office life by organizing a team-building activity like a game of paintball. Paintball is full of adventure and a great way to thank your team for all their amazing work and dedication. Your team can blow off steam, get in physical activity, and have their adrenaline pumping at the end of the day. As soon as your employees return to work, they’ll be super motivated to do their job, and productivity will rocket.

Honor Your Team and Keep Staff Morale Up

Recognizing employees this summer for a job well done will make your team stronger because of it. But whatever you do to appreciate them, it’s important that it comes from the heart. In addition to celebrating your team, you can also make their work easier with MDprospects. Want to learn how? Schedule a demo today.