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If you think that MDprospects would help you to monitor, manage and maximize leads, contact us for a free demonstration or click the “free demo” button on our website. We will contact you to schedule an online demo, you won’t even need to leave the comforts of your office. Demos typically last one hour as we go through all content with you, allowing plenty of time for questions. If you decide to purchase and integrate with MDprospects, we give you a 30-day, money-back-guarantee. If you choose not to continue with MDprospects, we will refund your first month’s invoice.

MDprospects can be up and running in your office within two weeks of an agreement. During that two weeks, we work with you to customize MDprospects to your needs, and provide training for its users. Because the content is web based, there is not software to install or update. We do require however, FTP access and direct access to a webmaster to initiate the installation process of the system.

Yes, although the system is highly effective at reducing data entry, you may have to enter new leads that call the office from the different numbers listed on alternative forms of marketing or in the phone book. This system is capable of both manual and automatic entry.

MDprospects has multiple exporting functions by email only and complete record export via HTML, CSV and XLS.

MDprospects can track and record all phone calls that come into your office through your websites and landing pages. When the system is created, your practice is given a custom toll-free number(s) that are used exclusively for this marketing initiative, that way, when the phone rings, you’ll know where the lead is from. There is an easy to use listening system for each call that includes call data and exact Google Maps locations as well.

MDprospects has multiple real-time reporting features that can calculate everything from lead generating reports, to consult reports, to lead to surgery reports. Based on this data, you’ll be able to measure exactly how your investment is paying off. Additionally, MDprospects even integrates the six main metrics from Google Analytics to give you a great snapshot as to what is happening with your web site.

This system can reconcile the appointments made on your website. During integration, we work with the existing website and create a page dedicated to booking online consultations where you’ll be able to choose available consultation/appointment times. MDprospects has an administrative section where users can specify days and times of availability. These time slots can be permanent if your practice allocates specific day for appointments, or they can be changed week to week.

MDprospects started out as a lead storage tank after we realized that most elective practices lose over 30% of their incoming web leads to spam filters, firewalls and poor email management. All the leads that come into the system are assigned a status and each patient will be assigned a status as they move from lead phase to post-procedure phase.

MDprospects can operate along side your current scheduling systems and online forms. However, it is easier to fully integrate these so you can access ALL leads and requests directly through MDprospects.

MDprospects sends automatic email responders to all patients that are entered into the system, depending on their status or if they complete an online form on your website. If the patient makes it all the way through the system, they will receive 5-7 automatic emails to enhance communication. During set-up, we work with you to create these responders and determine when to use them.

No, most practices actually only use about 50% of the features but because the software is so robust it has something for everyone. You can customize the features to the needs of your practice.

Each prospective patient is emailed, called and text messaged consultation confirmations and reminders in the weeks and days leading up to their appointment. Additionally, the system moves them from lead status to consultation if they follow the instructions on the phone.