Posted on March 31, 2022 in News

Emails are the ultimate way to engage ODs – almost everyone uses email today. And the moment you hit send, referring doctors are notified within an instant through their mobile devices. That’s how fast and effective emails are. The combination of emails, smartphones, and tablets gives you an edge when marketing your practice to referring ODs.

Additionally, emails allow you to create targeted and personalized messages that help build meaningful relationships with your referring ODs. Here are other reasons why emails are the way to go:

Keep In Contact

While establishing a connection with your referring OD network is important, it’s equally important to keep that connection alive. A simple email to the referring doctor can inform them of a patient’s progress every time they send referrals your way. This bridges communication gaps and provides a better experience for the referring ODs and patients. At the end of the day, personal connection sets you apart from other practices and helps you secure more referrals.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

In addition to using a patient liaison, you can demonstrate your expertise and add credibility to your practice by telling patient success stories via email. Thoughtful storytelling packs a powerful punch. When you share how patients felt better after your care, referring doctors feel part of the solution in assisting patients in finding relief. What’s more, ODs are inspired by what you do, which motivates them to refer other patients.

Strengthen Relationships

The success of your referral outreach efforts lies in making ODs feel comfortable about referring patients to your practice. Regularly communicating with other doctors through email and understanding what they’re looking for strengthens your referral partner relationships and increases your patient pipeline.

Offer Timely Updates

To keep getting referrals, it’s essential to provide prompt updates to the doctors who refer patients to you. Emails can make sure your referring OD receives timely communication about a patient’s progress. You can also use that opportunity to thank referring doctors. Giving updates and appreciating ODs sets you apart from other practices. Further, it goes a long way in keeping you top of mind with ODs and helping them feel connected to your practice. That way, referring doctors are likely to recommend you to more patients.

Quick and Easy to Use

Keeping up with your workload can often be a real challenge, which makes it easy to put your outreach efforts with referring doctors on the backburner. Unfortunately, this is the fastest way to be forgotten by referring ODs. Emails are pretty easy to use, save time, and are effective in increasing patient referrals. Consider using email to communicate constantly with your referring OD network.

Referring doctors will be happy to be informed about any new developments in your practice. They’ll also love it if you tell them how much you value them from time to time. Thanks to emails, you can cement your position as the specialist they refer patients to.

To Stand Out

The healthcare industry is more competitive than ever. In an environment where many practices offer the same services like yours, leveraging emails is a great way to stand out. With emails, you can send personalized messages that clearly communicate your unique selling proposition to differentiate your practice.

Referring doctors want to know why they should choose your practice over the others. So how do you present yourself as memorable, different, and better than the rest? Think about what makes you special.

It could be specific credentials, training or experience, patient experience delivery, unique services, or special technology. Whatever it is, it should give you a competitive advantage and persuade your referring doctors to see you as their best choice.

Boost Patient Referrals with MDprospects

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