Posted on February 25, 2022 in General

Physician liaisons are an essential part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. They promote your treatments, unique services, and practice. A liaison also acts as a bridge between your practice and referring sources.

Ultimately, the goal of a liaison is to increase referrals from existing physicians and acquire new business from non-referring doctors. With a top liaison in your corner, primary care providers and practice managers are more likely to send a steady stream of referrals your way.

Although the job of a liaison is to expand your patient base, it can be difficult to know if their education and outreach efforts are leading to referrals. Further, the complexities of referral networks make it hard for your liaison to obtain actionable insights without accurate, up-to-date data. Your liaison might wonder: Have I identified all the referral leaks? Am I directing my efforts in the right place? How can I get access to the referrals I generate? Hence the need for a sophisticated referral system like ReferralCRM from MDprospects.

Referral CRM

Referral CRM is designed to connect senders and receivers on a secure network. It streamlines referrals, enhances patient access, and increases referral revenue. Further, the system tracks and measures the effectiveness of liaison activity.

This allows your liaison to turn those insights into actions that more referrals. Beyond offering your liaison invaluable support, Referral CRM gives you the complete picture of liaison performance: who they’re talking to, how many pulls you’re getting per month from their efforts, and so much more.

Here’s a closer look at how Referral CRM can make outreach easier for your liaison:

Ensures Follow-Up on Patient Referrals

Unfortunately, 33 percent of patients never follow through with the specialist they’re referred to. This means lost referrals for your practice. Referral CRM enables effective communication with referring doctors to make sure patients follow through with the referrals. If physicians are confident that patients referred to your practice will receive timely care, they’ll be more motivated to send even more patients. Having a CRM like MDprospects for those referred patients can prove to be very beneficial for your practice.

Allows Targeted Campaigns

Improved referral tracking of incoming referrals thanks to Referral CRM will help your liaison focus on targeted campaigns. For instance, finding out what percentage of patient referrals are coming from primary care providers, practice managers, and other specialists will provide insights into the sources that are not referring patients. From there, your liaison can figure out ways to redirect referrals to your practice.

Gathers Data for Referral Activities

Your liaison communicates a lot with referral sources. However, it can be difficult for them to know the specific activities bringing in referrals. Referral CRM addresses this challenge by allowing your liaison to see referral activities. From the data gathered, they’ll be able to tell whether their efforts are effective or if they need to change their strategies.

Determines The Source with the Highest Referrals

With Referral CRM, your liaison can establish the sources pulling the most referral numbers. If one or a few physicians send the most referrals, your liaison can find out what your practice is doing right. Perhaps your practice has maintained a long-standing relationship with these referral sources. When that’s the case, your liaison can come up with an action plan to enhance relationships with other physicians in your target market and boost your pulls.

Additionally, your liaison can check on Referral CRM which procedures and services doctors are sending patients for. If there are services or operations that are being left out, that might point to opportunities to grow your practice.

While some MDs trust your practice enough to send referrals your way, they may not be aware of all your offerings. This will be a great chance for your liaison to educate the doctors about your full range of services and increase referrals.

Get More Referrals with Referral CRM

Designed to support your physician liaison in their outreach efforts no matter how complex, our MDprospects ReferralCRM is a gamechanger for your practice.

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