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what is mdprospects?


MDprospects is a web based software tool designed for medical practices to manage leads, maximize patient conversion rates and increase revenues. With MDprospects, you can centralize all marketing channels by tracking email and phone inquiries from every source, including your website, landing pages, patient/doctor referrals and traditional media advertising. Once the leads are captured, MDprospects makes it easy to communicate and nurture them with its email marketing feature and task management system. Then to gauge your successes and weaknesses, MDprospects offers customized performance and conversion reports so you'll know exactly how your investments are paying off. MDprospects helps manage patient leads, optimize ROI & conversion rates via marketing automation. Suitable for all practices, and all specialties such as LASIK/ophthalmology, bariatrics, aesthetics, orthopedics, and dermatology.

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never lose
a lead


Never lose an opportunity or feel in the dark about your ROI from Internet marketing. Track all your email AND phone inquiries from BOTH organic and PPC campaigns, all in an easy-to-use web-based interface.

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Customized toll free numbers with optional call recording. Track calls from your websites, landing pages and access exernal marketing campaigns. Keep detailed call notes, monitor lead quality and monitor patient life cycles.

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Register leads for seminars and other events. Manage your roster from MDprospects. Send automatic reminders and "thank you" or "sorry we missed you" emails.

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See your conversion rates grow with automated task management, informative email blasts, and lead nurturing drip campaigns.

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up-to-the minute


Provides minute-by-minute reporting on your website leads and online advertising. You'll know how well your website is generating calls, all via an easy-to-use interface that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

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track your


Integrate both your online and external advertising with MDprospects so that you can measure a campaign from end-to-end. You will know exactly how beneficial your investment is to your practice.

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Manage the available consultation times displayed on your website through a customizable schedule in your MDprospects. Have MDprospects send automated confirmation and reminder emails to people who make appointments online.

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MDprospects can integrate with leading practice management systems, resulting in no-show follow-ups, increased marketing tracking, reduced redundancies and increased practice efficiencies.

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5 Best Practices for Effective Lead Management

Generating leads and patients is the only way your practice will thrive in a competitive market. And if you’re having a hard time tracking leads, se...

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Is Nurturing Your Leads Your Weakest Link?

Lead nurturing, when done right, can actually improve your overall lead to patient ratio, decrease the amount of time spent as a lead, and create long...

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Don't Lose Your Leads to the Competition

If you run a medical practice, especially one with elective procedures, you know the importance of capturing leads, nurturing them while they are in t...

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  • MDprospects Features

    • Leads management portal
    • Reporting dashboard, visualized lead flow
    • Integration on ANY website
    • Online seminar and appointment scheduling
    • Call tracking and recording
    • Patient chat system
    • Graphical e-mail automated responders
    • Website performance metrics
    • Referring physician email system
    • Tasks system with scheduled reminders
    • Lead export functionality
    • Minimize no show rates with efficient lead follow up
  • MDprospects Benefits

    • Record appointment notes
    • Track conversion rates & calculate ROI
    • Send appointment reminders
    • Send birthday greetings
    • Patient surveys
    • Management & supervisory reports
    • Detailed history and status of all prospects
    • User group settings to customize users' views
    • Direct phone & online contact to software support
    • Monthly webinar available to staff for help with system
    • Importation of leads from a previous system
    • Secure forms

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One of #LeadNurturing's many benefits is the improved conversion rates. #LeadEngagement should be informative and relevant. https://goo.gl/A6EvJU

MDprospects is pleased to announce its planned 2016 integration process with iMedicWare, marking the start of a partnership that will benefit ophthalmology practices. https://goo.gl/xFVKJs

A statistic we see cited again and again in articles about lead management is from The Annuitas Group that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. https://goo.gl/9cMr5D

People respond to verbs - click, call, visit... Verb now! https://goo.gl/HpzYgi

MDprospects will be heading to Chicago for AAO 2016. #booth765 #AAO #chicago https://goo.gl/FYO0pG

Learn more today about what MDprospects can do for your medical practice. https://goo.gl/f96u5a

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