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Making Referrals Easy

We are dedicated to making the referral experience easy and seamless to enhance your referral relationships.

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What Referify Offers

Core Modules

Referify is the first and only software platform for medical practices that combines a web based referral portal with an outreach tool for managing referring networks.


This core module of Referify allows the secure and easy method of receiving referrals using a web-based electronic form.


The scheduling module enables practices to add an optional layer to schedule a patient appointment immediately after the referral.


The outreach module helps with the management, nurturing and coordination of the members within your referring network.


The reports module contains a dashboard and filters as well as various graphs and charts to analyze and visualize your referral and referrer activity.

Other Features

Landing Page

A beautiful, responsive landing page designed to fit your brand guidelines, containing useful information for referrers.

Secure File Uploads

Upload and download files securely, either at the time of the referral, or as part of a follow up for continuity of care.


Referify can integrate with a variety of practice management solutions, to streamline your referral management process.


Visualize your referrals and referrers on an interactive map. Gather insights, plan your journeys more efficiently.


Create and manage new events for your referring network. Manager no shows, rosters, and event registrations with ease.

Milestone Tracker

Easily flag events that occurred at your office or a referring practice to track the impact on referral volume.

Easy Referrals & More

  • Less staff time required to make referrals
  • No faxing required but the system does have a HIPAA compliant fax
  • Reduced phone tag, spend less time scheduling appointments
  • Integrated scheduling into your practice management system
  • Patient information is stored encrypted to HIPAA standards
  • Built in referral CRM system to grow your referral base
  • Reporting system included

Be the Difference Engine in Your Region

Traditional referral coordination processes are a logistical nightmare for practices. What could take a quick moment becomes hours of back and forth phone tag and faxing. Resources can be bogged down and patients get lost in translation.

By utilizing the Referify software your referral liaison can work with a centralized platform and CRM system and your referrers can have an integrated way to schedule appointments directly with their patient.

As a result, liaisons can spend more time nurturing referral relationships and your referring physicians can now see more patients.

Proactive Experts With You Every Step of the Way

Our services teams are with you every step of the way. From our specialized Implementation team charged with leading you through a fast and thorough transition from set up.

Referrals & Outreach in One

Track and Analyze Your Patient Referrals

While also managing and nurturing your Referring Network

Maximize Your Business Growth

No More Fax Machines

Referring physicians will no longer need to fill request for appointment forms and fax them in. Now a simple to us web interface will guide the entire process.

Maximize Referrals by Enhancing Your Network Relationships and Success with the REFERRAL CRM

Time Saving Referrals

For the Patient and Referring Provider

Reducing hassles of phone tag and fax machines. Keeping the patients and doctors in the same loop.