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MDprospects is a web-based software tool designed for medical practices to manage leads, maximize patient conversion rates and increase revenues.

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How Does Two-Way Texting Work?

Engaging in conversations with a prospect that has given you consent is one of the many ways MDprospects helps improve the communication between prospects and practices.

Major Features of Two-Way Texting:

  • Instant replies from patients
  • Easy to use
  • Creates engagement object for patients

Not all leads have the same preferences for communication, which is why MDprospects gives you the option to email or text those who are looking to learn more. Two-way texting will give your practice the opportunity to use conversational style marketing with your patients, and connect with patients that may not reply otherwise.

Automated Email Campaigns

Automatically send responses to your lead based on:

  • The form they submitted
  • The categories they have been put in
  • Where they are in the sales cycle

Customized to your practice, the designed responders help to allay leads’ fears while telling them more about you and their procedure. Or let all your noncommittal leads know about your upcoming seminar with an email blast. Drip campaigns with MDprospects will help with the hand-holding of your future patients by doing the reminder work for you.

Reports & Dashboard

Dashboard Tracking

Never again feel in the dark about your ROI. From the dashboard in MDprospects, you can track how each lead comes to your practice and the success of each campaign.

After a few months, you will:

  • Know what is working and what you can change to help your practice continue to grow.
  • Track your landing pages to see which one is getting you the best lead generation.
  • Follow your leads based on their location in relation to where your practice is located.

Moreover, reporting and dashboard tracking with MDprospects will help you know which referring doctors are sending you the best leads.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Report features include:

  • The dashboard gives you and your practice immediate insight, so you’ll know right away how well you are converting leads
  • Performance metrics on your landing pages, phone calls, and more
  • Which forms are being filled out the most
  • How well the leads from those forms are converting
  • Where those leads are geographically located in relation to your practice
  • The best marketing sources that help with conversion
  • Calculate which OD is sending you the best leads and how well they are converting

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking with MDprospects records information about incoming telephone calls. Call tracking uses a unique local or toll-free number for each campaign you are running. This number will forward to the mainline at your practice. This technology allows the use of phone call tracking associated with performance-based advertising, such as Google AdWords, SEO, and displays marketing ads so you can track which campaign you are running is generating which calls.

How Does it Work?

MDprospects is integrated with Twilio, so you’ll have a wealth of relevant information about your callers, and about which of your campaigns are driving their calls.

Call Tracking will help you:

  • Dramatically improve your return on investment
  • Grow your conversion rates
  • Help you run more effective campaigns

Why is Call Tracking Important?

You will want to know which of your campaigns are generating incoming calls, which can help you maintain future marketing efforts, and tailor them to your potential patients. This is effective since it happens in real-time as the leads are coming in, so adjustments can be made, and your resources/campaigns can be adjusted accordingly.

Turning Leads into Patients

MDprospects lets you treat each call like a lead, making it easy to follow up with potential patients.

You will be able to:

Task Management

What is Task Management?

Task Management with MDprospects is the driving force of any effective patient lead funnel. With Task Management, you won’t need to remember where leads are in your funnel. Staff will be tasked to make calls, create follow-up emails and change lead records all within the MDprospects lead dashboard. Your daily tasks will drive your day-to-day work so you’ll never miss a conversion.

How Does it Work?

MDprospects personalizes a lead follow-up schedule that works best for your practice. For example, if you get a new LASIK lead, an automated task would be placed on your front office person to make a call to that person ASAP. Once the task is completed, you can mark the task as complete or assign a new one based on the outcome of that call.

Task Management will help you:

  • Never forget a lead in your funnel
  • Track the efficiency of your staff
  • Close more new leads, quicker, faster and smarter than ever before

Why is Task Management Important?

Lets’s face it; you’re busy! We are all human and it’s easy to forget an important follow-up task in the midst of a hectic workday. Task Management is here to remind you of what is needed to be done before the doors get locked for the evening. It is the most simple and critical feature of any lead management software. No more need to remember the events of yesterday in order to structure your day today. It’s all listed right in MDprospects for you.

Event Management

With MDprospects you can easily manage your upcoming events and stay organized.

Examples of events to manage would be:

  • Cataract seminars
  • Cosmetic luncheons
  • Webinars
  • Open Houses
  • Any other event where you are inviting the public to learn more
  • CE Events

You can add the events with ease to MDprospects and have them automatically populate the website with the event details (as well as automatically remove it once the event has passed).


With MDprospects’ partnerships and ability to integrate with leading practice management systems, efficiency is increased for your staff.

Patient experience is made easy all the way from:

  • Making contact with you
  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Becoming your patient
  • Giving reviews of your practice
  • Being remarketed to post-treatment

Everything you need, in one platform:

  • Electronic records
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Patient retention and acquisition
  • Analytics

And that’s all with the benefits of reduced redundancies, more comprehensive marketing tracking, and more follow-ups with leads, no-shows, and those who don’t book a treatment at their consultations.