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Why MDprospects?

Lead Management for Medical Practices

Lead management software for physicians from MDprospects can be a powerful tool to help you acquire new patients. It’s likely that you got into medicine to do just that — practice medicine! Not to spend all of your time trying to market yourself and sell your services.

But that’s the reality of operating a medical practice — you need to continuously attract new patients to survive, and thrive. And if you want a successful practice, you know that you shouldn’t rely on referrals alone. That’s where medical lead management software from MDprospects can be a blessing for your business.

Because You’re Not a Doctor in Marketing

You wouldn’t want a painter to do your surgery, would you? It’s not their thing, and they shouldn’t be expected to know what to do. Just like you might be at a loss when it comes to marketing and lead generation.

But that’s the good news — you can stick to what you know and leave new patient acquisition and management to us.

Marketing can be a big headache and wind up taking up a lot of your time and budget if you don’t know what you’re doing. So whether you don’t have the time or resources to create and manage your own lead-generation marketing plan, or simply don’t even know where to begin, MDprospects can help you out. We’ll deliver relevant information to your most promising leads while improving your workflow, efficiency, and conversion outcomes.

When you consider the potential lost time and money that you may spend on a failed campaign, you’ll find that investing in a company like MDprospects to handle your lead management and let you focus on your medical practice can be a wise move for your business indeed.

To help put your mind a bit more at ease, here’s some of what MDprospects lead management for medical practices can do for you.

Increase Conversions and Revenue

Having an extensive email list for your newsletter and a giant pile of leads is great, but it’s ultimately meaningless if you’re unable to turn any into paying customers.

So what do you do? You get some help! Here’s how MDprospects can turn leads into conversions and revenue.

A “lead” refers to a potential customer — someone in your target audience. Who needs or could benefit most from your services? We help you identify who these leads are.

Once we’ve curated your list, the MDprospects software helps to manage your leads with sales and marketing touchpoints to convert them into loyal patients. For example — if you’re a surgeon, you want to convert more leads into surgery. Obviously, the more conversions you have, the higher your revenue stream will become.

Set Goals & Prioritize Meaningful Interaction

Like we mentioned above, leaving your lead management to us helps you focus on operating your practice to the best of your abilities. But that doesn’t mean you just throw money at the problem without any kind of strategy.

In order for anything to be a success, you need to set goals and milestones to reach. How many leads do you want to convert? What are your revenue goals for the quarter and year? These are important questions to ask and answer before you begin a campaign.

When goals are clearly defined, we can work together to achieve them and allow you to keep your interaction with patients at the forefront.

Deliver Relevant Information

By working with MDprospects, you won’t just e-blast your leads for the sake of staying in front of them. You’ll consistently give your leads relevant information so that each time they see your name in their inbox, they’ll open and read the message rather than ignoring it.

When they know you deliver relevant information time and time again, they’ll be more likely to become an eventual conversion.

Improve Workflow

Of course, when you aren’t spending your time trying to curate email lists of your target customers and fumbling over the perfect subject line over and over, you can be in surgery, or seeing another patient. The less distracted and stressed you are, the better.

MDprospects helps you improve your workflow by scheduling your email campaigns, tracking your leads, managing your referrals, and even scheduling appointments for you. All of this helps your workflow run smoothly.

Become A More Efficient Practice

Improved workflow means a more efficient office. Not only will your life be easier when your practice is well-managed and run professionally, but your patients will take notice, too.

A medical CRM like MDprospects is a reliable way to fine-tune your office and become the practice you always dreamed of.

Contact Us and Learn How MDprospects Can Help Your Medical Practice

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