Best Practices for SMS Marketing with MDprospects

Posted on May 30, 2024 in General

Ready to supercharge your SMS marketing? Follow these best practices to make every message count and keep your customers engaged and excited! 1. Keep Messages Brief and Conversational Think of texting your customers like chatting with friends! Short, snappy, and friendly messages work best. No one wants to read a novel — keep it to…

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Prescribing Design Excellence: Enhancing Healthcare Websites

Posted on September 14, 2023 in General

In today’s digital age, where information is readily accessible at our fingertips, the importance of good design cannot be overstated, especially for healthcare websites. These online platforms serve as a vital bridge between healthcare providers and their patients. A well-designed healthcare website offers a multitude of benefits, and here’s why it matters: Building Trust Trust…

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When Should You Consider Outsourcing Lead Follow-Up?

Posted on May 25, 2023 in General

Follow-up matters. Statistics show that 60 percent of consumers say no 4 times before saying yes. So if you want to convert more leads to patients, you need an effective follow-up process. Proper follow-up lets you build a relationship with leads, which directly impacts conversions. You can strengthen your lead follow-up by outsourcing to an…

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Content Matters-Do You Know What Your Automated Emails Say?

Posted on May 9, 2023 in General

According to a survey, 59 percent of consumers revealed that emails positively influenced their purchase decisions. This shows that emails are powerful and essential in your marketing strategy. Emails are very effective when it comes to patient engagement and acquisition. With the right content in your emails, you can build lasting relationships with existing patients…

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How to Manage Leads with Limited Staff

Posted on March 15, 2023 in General

As leads in your practice increase, lead management software can help you to better manage your leads and increase conversions. Unlike manually managing leads, a top lead management software will scale as your leads grow and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Moreover, robust lead management software is accurate, doesn’t duplicate data, and has a…

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Physician Liaison Tools for Success

Posted on February 3, 2023 in General

Your physician liaison is at the heart of your referral strategy. They constantly touch base with referring doctors and practices to ensure you get a steady flow of referrals. With the right tools like Referify, you can supercharge your liaison’s efforts and get more patients coming through your front door. Keep reading to learn more…

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4 Tips to Boost Your Online Image

Posted on January 9, 2023 in General

Your online image matters. It sheds light on how patients interact with your practice and describe their experiences to others online. By proactively managing your online image, you’ll be able to leave a lasting impression on prospects so that when they need care, they think of your practice first. Keep reading to learn four top…

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Keep Up the Company Morale During the Holidays

Posted on December 19, 2022 in General

The holiday mood can put a damper on productivity. With all the festivities going on, your employees may likely be physically present at the office but mentally elsewhere. But by creating the ideal environment, you can keep your staff focused throughout the holidays. Keep reading to learn 5 festive tips you can put into action…

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There’s Still Time to Contact Your Cold Leads

Posted on December 14, 2022 in General

Nurtured relationships with prospects can go cold. The good news is you can rekindle cold leads. Many of your prospects likely have HSA and FSA accounts. These tax-exempt accounts present a huge marketing opportunity for your practice. With well-timed promotions, you can convince potential patients to spend their tax-free dollars at your practice and earn…

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How to Promote Premium Services with Your CRM

Posted on October 27, 2022 in General

A customer relationship management system or CRM offers a fantastic way to manage qualified leads and increase conversions for your high-value services. It provides instant, real-time access to all your prospect data in one place so you can inform your decisions and win new patients for your premium services. Read on to learn more about…

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