Communication is key in delivering high-quality care and growing your practice. Effective communication distinguishes your practice from the competition. It Read more
Picture this: A patient arranged a visit for a comprehensive eye exam. On the appointment day, the patient learns there Read more
In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, about 40 percent of Americans are still hesitant about going to the physician Read more
Leads are the driving force of any practice. A majority, if not all new patients started as a lead. Given Read more
Revamping your marketing efforts and introducing a referral program are some of the tactics used to increase patient appointments. While Read more
Imagine being able to automatically send impactful emails that nurture leads into patients and consistently drive conversions. Your practice can Read more
Practices today understand the importance of digital marketing in lead generation. However, it would be hard to know which of Read more
MDchatbot is an interactive tool designed to mimic human conversations. It offers a convenient way for your patients to reach Read more
An ineffective appointment scheduling process has a trickle-down effect that hurts your practice. Delayed schedules, long wait times, late workdays, Read more
Let’s face it; efficient patient communication is a challenge in almost every practice. If you can solve this issue effectively, Read more
You have less than 15 seconds to impress a visitor before they hit the back button. Therefore, if prospects come Read more
For healthcare providers, fitting more patients into the doctor’s schedule, ensuring they remain profitable, and at the same time improving Read more
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