How Real-Time Reporting Can Benefit Your Practice

Real-time reports can help break down everything from your conversion rates to phone tracking. Why can reports help your practice? Real-time reporting tracks how each lead comes into your practice and shows the success of each event or campaign within your MDprospects. After a few months, you will have a better understanding of your ROI,… Read More

Why Sending Birthday Emails is so Important

Birthday emails are an excellent way to re-engage your patients with your practice. Reminding your patients just how special they are to your practice will strengthen your practice’s relationship with the customer. Why should you send Birthday Emails? Birthday emails have a higher transaction rate, higher revenue per email, and high unique click rates than… Read More

Simple Rules for Effective Email Campaigns

Email blasts are an excellent way to communicate with your leads and existing patients/clients. It’s no surprise that – probably because of the prevalence of smartphones – email has become the most preferred method of communication for consumers in America[1]. It’s more convenient than ever to read an email immediately. An email blast is a… Read More

What Would You Do with Hundreds of Leads Who Aren’t Converting: A Case Study

I’d like to tell you about a client of ours and how they identified and solved a problem. This client had been running a Facebook ad for a few months. With their MDprospects, they were able to see exactly how many LASIK leads were filling out the Request a Consultation form that was specific to… Read More

A Strategy for Reviews and Reputation

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part Three As mentioned in our previous two blog entries, we’re featuring parts of an interview with Darryl Quinlan of MDidentity. This interview happened because we wanted to revisit the topic of a blog from last year – The Power of Reviews. Even though it had only been about a… Read More

Why Your Response to a Bad Review Matters More Than the Review

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part One This blog entry is different from what you normally read here. Wanting to revisit the topic covered in a previous post, the power of reviews, I spoke with Darryl Quinlan of Glacial Multimedia for his insight. He is the product manager for MDidentity, a tool for reputation management…. Read More

How Do You Get People to Write Reviews of Your Practice?

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part Two Unlike our usual blog posts, this is part of a short series which feature an interview with Darryl Quinlan, Product Manager of the reputation management software MDidentity. I spoke with Quinlan because I wanted to revisit the topic of one of our previous blogs, the power of reviews,… Read More

Announcing a New Partnership Between MDprospects and iMedicWare

MDprospects is pleased to announce its planned 2016 integration process with iMedicWare, marking the start of a partnership that will benefit ophthalmology practices. MDprospects, a lead management software built for ophthalmologists, and iMedicWare, a provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software made specifically for ophthalmology practices, along with Glacial Multimedia, an Internet marketing, website development… Read More

Why Do Nurtured Leads Make 47% Larger Purchases?

A statistic we see cited again and again in articles about lead management is from The Annuitas Group that nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads. Lead nurturing, as you may know, is the process of letting your potential customer get to know you, your service, and your business – you are fostering… Read More

How Structure Can Free Your Time

How important is it to have a dependable structure to your day? For me it’s very important; it allows me the time needed for a cup of coffee in the morning and to get my toddler in her pajamas in the evening, and most everything in between. Structure doesn’t just give shape to my day,… Read More

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