Posted on May 31, 2022 in General

Marketing premium services using traditional and new media is no easy task. While you may gain leads from conventional channels like print, TV, and radio, or new media such as paid search ads on Google and Bing, these methods can be expensive. Further, it may be harder to get your ads in front of a specific target audience.

Recently, MDprospect’s Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Pelletier, Clearwave Co-Founder Brian Stone, and Mann Eye Institute’s Chief Operations Officer, Guido Piquet, joined Mark from Clearwave’s marketing team for a webinar to show practices how to drive premium services without increasing their ad spend.

Here’s a summary of the many great ideas shared in the webinar.

Targeted Messaging During Patient Check-In

Clearwave’s digital check-in capabilities provide a seamless patient experience. More than that, the patient check-in system allows targeted messaging. Targeted messaging is a more effective approach in getting the word out about high-margin procedures like Botox and LASIK compared to other channels. And the best part is, you won’t have to increase your ad spend to get more qualified leads. As Brain pointed out, it’ll cost you nothing when you’ve already invested in a digital check-in process.

Targeted messaging on Clearwave involves adding questions on the check-in screen for a specific audience. These questions are tailored according to the data collected on the intended audience, which enables a more personalized and engaging experience. In other words, rather than sending out ads to a large audience via traditional or new media, you can choose a subset based on their preferences, interests, age, gender, professional information, and more.

With targeted messaging, you can be more specific with the solutions you provide to potential patients. This attracts your intended audience and leads to increased conversion rates. For instance, you may ask your audience, “Are you interested in learning more about LASIK?” Or, “Would you like to find out about the benefits of Botox?”


When a patient says they’re interested in your premium services, it doesn’t mean you should hang up your hat and assume they’ll automatically schedule. You must follow up. Without persistent follow-up, it will be hard to convince a patient to book. This is where MDprospects come in.

MDprospects collects patients’ responses from Clearwave in real-time for follow-up. From there, they text the OD seeing the patient informing them that their next appointment is interested in LASIK. Alternatively, MDprospects can text your patient coordinator so they know the patient they’re going to see at, say, 10 am wants to know more about their services.

For this to be effective, Michelle emphasized that follow-up “needs to come across as educational, not salesy.” So, explain the benefits of your services to patients and how they solve a specific problem. The more informed and empowered patients are, the more confident they’ll be in scheduling that appointment.

But remember, speed matters when following up with leads. That means that same-day follow-up increases your chances of getting patients to move forward with an elective procedure or private pay treatment.

Nurturing Leads To A Booked Appointment

Even though your ODs and patient coordinators follow up with leads soon after they say “yes” to the questions presented at check-in, many patients still won’t book on the same day. Lead nurturing is essential in targeting patients who’re not yet sales-ready. A successful lead nurturing strategy focuses on providing answers and information leads require to increase awareness of your services and build trust until they’re willing to schedule.

Using a combination of communication channels, including emails and texts, you can educate leads and maintain a connection. This is highly effective because it puts your services on a lead’s radar, helping convert them to patients eventually.

Convert More Leads with MDprospects

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To find out more about how you can grow your premium services volume with MDprospects, contact us today. And if you couldn’t make it to the live webinar, you can watch it here.