Why It’s Important to Communicate Your 2022 Vision to Your Patients

Posted on January 27, 2022 in General

Communication is key in delivering high-quality care and growing your practice. Effective communication distinguishes your practice from the competition. It plays an essential role in increasing patients’ knowledge about their health and your practice, resulting in improved outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. The higher the satisfaction levels, the more likely your practice will retain current…

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Is Your Practice Making it too Hard to Book Appointments?

Posted on January 11, 2022 in General

Picture this: A patient arranged a visit for a comprehensive eye exam. On the appointment day, the patient learns there was an error in booking, and you’re unavailable, much to their dismay. They choose to reschedule and leave disappointed. At the next visit, the patient is finally able to have their exam, and you request…

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Why Do Patients Love Online Schedulers?

Posted on November 30, 2021 in General

Revamping your marketing efforts and introducing a referral program are some of the tactics used to increase patient appointments. While both can be beneficial, they might not be as effective without the best appointment scheduler in place. This is where an online booking software comes in. An online scheduler is a tool that enables patients…

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Here’s the Proof Your Practice Needs That Drip Campaigns Do Work

Posted on November 15, 2021 in General

Imagine being able to automatically send impactful emails that nurture leads into patients and consistently drive conversions. Your practice can achieve this with drip campaigns. Automated drip campaigns are a series of pre-written marketing emails which are sent out on a schedule. A drip campaign uses a targeted list and specific content customized to the…

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Why Using Real-Time Reporting Could Increase Your ROI

Posted on October 25, 2021 in General

Practices today understand the importance of digital marketing in lead generation. However, it would be hard to know which of your efforts are really impactful and worth your marketing spend without real-time reporting. Reporting enables you to understand your leads’ behaviors and needs. Implementing reporting also aids you in connecting the dots from lead generation…

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What is MDchatbot and Why Does Your Practice Need It?

Posted on October 14, 2021 in General

MDchatbot is an interactive tool designed to mimic human conversations. It offers a convenient way for your patients to reach out to your practice and get assistance. The chatbot works like a virtual assistant. It uses AI to understand a patient’s query, which helps in picking the best-canned response. Here’s what MDchatbot can do for…

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Is Your Practice Using Appointment Scheduling Effectively?

Posted on September 30, 2021 in General

An ineffective appointment scheduling process has a trickle-down effect that hurts your practice. Delayed schedules, long wait times, late workdays, dissatisfied patients, the list goes on. Further, when appointments are poorly coordinated, the patient-provider relationship suffers. This creates a negative patient experience that could drive up attrition rates, negatively impacting your revenue. Efficient appointment scheduling…

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How a Live Chatbot Enhances Patient Communication

Posted on September 22, 2021 in General

Let’s face it; efficient patient communication is a challenge in almost every practice. If you can solve this issue effectively, you’ll boost patient experience and grow your practice. One way to achieve this is by using a live chatbot. A chatbot is programmed to interact and respond to patients just like your front office staff…

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Is Your SMS Toning On Point?

Posted on July 20, 2021 in General

LISTEN: SMS Best Practices Amanda Polk – Vice President, Miller Public Relations   Text messages have a 209 percent higher response rate compared to emails or phone calls and an open rate of 98 percent. Emails often become invisible among so many unread messages or get lost to spam filters. And according to a Zipwhip…

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