Posted on November 15, 2021 in General

Imagine being able to automatically send impactful emails that nurture leads into patients and consistently drive conversions. Your practice can achieve this with drip campaigns.

Automated drip campaigns are a series of pre-written marketing emails which are sent out on a schedule. A drip campaign uses a targeted list and specific content customized to the interests and needs of your leads. This encourages communication and, consequently, engagement with potential patients. The gentle reminders of automated drip campaigns are meant to ensure your practice remains top-of-mind for your leads.

But do drip campaigns really work? Here are reasons why investing in drip campaigns is worth every marketing dollar.

It’s Highly Effective

Average open rates for drip campaigns are three times higher than single-send emails. Most of the time, your leads have their smartphones with them, and they’re frequently checking their email. Also, when prospects sit down at their laptops or computers, they often click on their email first before moving to other tasks. Research reveals that about 91 percent of people go through their email at least once per day on their mobile phones.

Although healthcare consumers won’t open each and every email, they’ll be keen on reading mail they know add value. Drip campaigns that are informative, relevant, engaging, and useful ensure leads look forward to receiving your emails each time. The idea is to deliver value, creating a strong connection between your practice and prospective patients.

Establishes Your Practice as an Authority

Drip campaigns are all about segmenting your emails and sending them consistently to the right audience at the right time. When properly crafted, drift campaigns offer real value to leads. They provide eye-opening health information, tips, as well as discounts for a particular service.

Additionally, the emails inform leads how your services can solve a given problem they have and raise awareness about your practice. Over time, prospects consider emails from your practice as being of value to them. This positions your practice as an authority, helping to build the trust that makes it the natural choice when potential patients need care.

According to Zapier, drip campaigns stand the best chance of establishing your practice as an authority and inspiring leads to take the desired action. People who read drip campaign emails are 119 percent more likely to click the links in them.

Cuts Through the Online Noise

Online marketing, in addition to social media platforms, has created content overload for potential patients.

So how can you rise above the noise and get the attention of leads even when other healthcare providers have something new to share with them?

By sending personalized emails with catchy subject lines and compelling content that resonates with your audience. With drip campaigns, your practice gains the attention of prospects, connects with them, and builds awareness.

The fact is, your leads don’t just use emails for work and keeping in touch with their loved ones. Sixty-one percent of people, including healthcare consumers, prefer being contacted by businesses via email, which is incredible news for your practice.

It’s Super Affordable

Drip campaigns are a cost-effective way of attracting new patients. As seen in a report from the Direct Marketing Association, the ROI of email marketing is an impressive 4,300 percent. No doubt drip campaigns pack a punch. Yet, the starting cost, particularly with a small email list, is considerably low.

Attract More Patients with Drip Campaigns

Turning leads to patients will need constant engagement. MDprospects powerful system automates drip campaigns, giving your practice the ability to automatically and consistently send impactful email campaigns. It also enables you to engage prospects and target them with precision, helping you get more patients through your front door.

Want to learn more about how you can use drip campaigns on autopilot to increase conversions? Please schedule your demo today.