Posted on September 22, 2021 in General

Let’s face it; efficient patient communication is a challenge in almost every practice. If you can solve this issue effectively, you’ll boost patient experience and grow your practice. One way to achieve this is by using a live chatbot. A chatbot is programmed to interact and respond to patients just like your front office staff would, only that it’s more efficient, faster, and available 24/7. As such, a chatbot allows your practice to enhance patient communication while drastically reducing wait times.

So how exactly do live chatbots improve patient communication? Here’s how this AI-powered conversational tool does it:

Provides Instant Answers

There are queries that don’t demand the dedicated attention and time of a doctor. At the same time, these issues can’t be put on the back burner.

This is where a chatbot comes in. For example, a chatbot can provide maps/directions to your practice, gather information, and determine the best route whether it be a live agent or other questions entered based on the practice’s needs and processes.

While all these concerns are genuine, you would be quickly overwhelmed if you answered every incoming call. Most probably, you’d only help a handful of patients and be too tired to assist the rest, which of course, will increase patient dissatisfaction. Further, trying to juggle patient queries over the phone and attending to patients in your practice will lead to burnout.

On the other hand, a chatbot can instantly and tirelessly engage patients in a discussion, offering them an automated yet personalized solution, key to patient satisfaction. For instance, a chatbot will ask specific questions chosen by the practice. They’ll then provide canned responses, depending on the information provided by the patient. If needed, the chatbot will direct the patient to a live agent to speak with.

As a result, a chatbot aids in eliminating unnecessary in-office visits and hospital readmissions. It also fast-tracks care depending on the kind of care a patient requires. At the same time, chatbots enable patients to make informed decisions concerning their health outside of your practice.

Offers Unmatched Convenience

No doubt you have front office staff who take care of patient inquiries and appointment scheduling. But what happens when patients are put on hold because your phone lines are jammed? When a patient has to wait on hold to get answers, those minutes could result in a decision to find care with an easily accessible provider.

A chatbot bridges the communication gap between your patients and practice, preventing patient dissatisfaction and high attrition rates. A live chatbot provides second to none convenience by ensuring you’re always available, in real-time, to attend to your patients. What’s more, chatbots can hold conversations with multiple patients simultaneously, further dealing with the problem of long wait times.

This conversational tool is also incredibly useful for patients who can’t reach your practice via telephone. Often, patients can’t find time out of their busy schedules to contact you. Chatbots work even after business hours when it’s most convenient for many patients.

Take Patient Communication to the Next Level with MDchatbot

The goal of engaging with patients isn’t just to converse with them. It’s to help your practice improve patient outcomes, experience, and satisfaction. MDchatbot is a robust communication tool that provides immediate and reliable support to patients, making their life easier. This kind of patient-centric approach enhances patient communication and experience, gets new patients through your front door, which all help to grow your bottom line. With MDchatbot, you’ll never leave patients and prospects unattended on your site. You’ll be available any time—weekends, nights, and even on holidays.

Want to find out how MDchatbot would work for your practice? Please schedule a quick demo today.