Posted on November 30, 2021 in General

Revamping your marketing efforts and introducing a referral program are some of the tactics used to increase patient appointments. While both can be beneficial, they might not be as effective without the best appointment scheduler in place. This is where an online booking software comes in. An online scheduler is a tool that enables patients to book appointments on the internet with only a few clicks. Here, we take a look at why patients love the option of self-scheduling.

Gives Patients Control

Consumers today can make dinner reservations and book flights online. Basically, they’re able to complete simple errands online, so booking their healthcare appointments shouldn’t be an exception. In fact, research reveals that 42 percent of patients prefer making appointments via an app or website instead of calling a practice. Automating your scheduling process lets patients self-schedule online. To patients, this means greater control and more convenience compared to calling your front office desk during the day when they have their own busy 9 to 5.

Reduces Miscommunication and Errors

Picking up the phone to book an appointment involves back-and-forth communication between your patients and your practice. This can be cumbersome to patients, not to mention time-consuming. There’s also the possibility of miscommunication that can lead to double or even triple booking patients. Unfortunately, such mistakes can take away from a patient’s experience. A system that streamlines the booking process in your practice does away with traditional scheduling and double or triple booking errors.

An online scheduler shows the available slots so patients can reserve the time they prefer the most. Once a patient schedules, it’s also displayed on your end. This eliminates the chances of different patients booking the same time slots.

It’s Available Round the Clock

An online scheduler works 24/7. Therefore, patients have the flexibility of booking their appointments at any time of day or night, which can be a huge boon for your practice. A majority of patients value access and convenience even more than the quality of care as per NRC Health. According to the research, a staggering 80 percent of patients reveal that they would switch healthcare providers because of convenience alone.

Online scheduling offers patients the convenience they demand. And in today’s fast-paced world, patients appreciate the ability to book past traditional office hours. With an online scheduling system, patients can schedule appointments even during non-business hours.

It Saves Time

Booking appointments online takes less time compared to calling your practice. Given that 80 percent of patients say they prefer a practice that allows them to self-schedule on the internet, it then goes without saying that this can be a deal-breaker for patients searching for a new healthcare provider. On the contrary, giving your patients 24/7 access to your practice schedule allows for a more seamless experience.

Picture this: It takes an average of 8 minutes for a patient to call your practice and book an appointment. Even worse, patients spend 63 percent of this time being transferred or on hold. It’s no wonder then that patients often hang up and choose to look for care elsewhere. On the other hand, self-scheduling takes an impressive 2 minutes to complete. Patients are excited because of the time savings alone, which enhances their experience.

Empower Your Patients to Self-Schedule

MDprospects’ appointment scheduler takes booking in your practice to the next level. The online scheduler streamlines the appointment booking process. It’s easy to use and comes with an intuitive interface—something your patients will love. And the best part is, it can work for any practice regardless of its size.

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