Posted on December 19, 2022 in General

The holiday mood can put a damper on productivity. With all the festivities going on, your employees may likely be physically present at the office but mentally elsewhere. But by creating the ideal environment, you can keep your staff focused throughout the holidays.

Keep reading to learn 5 festive tips you can put into action to increase office morale and boost productivity.

1. Provide Flexible Hours

You can’t wish the festive season away. But you can work with it to keep your staff focused and productive. One way you can do that is by offering flexible hours if your organization is able to.

Allow your staff to leave work early to have more holiday time with loved ones. And if there are remote employees, give them the flexibility to work at their own hours as long as they’re responsive and deliver on time.

While it may seem counterproductive, introducing flexible working hours during the holidays will greatly drive morale and encourage your team to be more productive when working.

2. Recognize Employees

Team recognition is a surefire way to boost staff morale and shouldn’t be overlooked during this festive season. A Harvard Business Review study shows that positive social recognition from leaders is a significant way of motivating staff.

Simple recognition initiatives like telling your employees you value them, announcing staff achievements on your organization’s communication platform, and telling people why you’re proud of them can motivate them and have a drastic effect on their productivity.

By expressing appreciation for a job well done, your staff will be happier, more committed, and motivated to continue with their good performance even during the holidays.

3. Put Up Holiday Decorations

Festive decorations at your workplace are a proven morale booster. Research by Ambius reveals that 85 percent of employees said that holiday décor at work improved their mood.

So get a Christmas tree, no matter the size, and add a few decorations in the communal areas. Don’t forget to decorate your employees’ desks to truly shake up your office.

Also, play your team’s favorite holiday music. Remember to pick a diverse playlist so that everyone feels included. While at it, ensure you have a long list of songs, so the same playlist isn’t on repeat throughout the day. Both decorations and music give off a cheerful vibe and do wonders for team morale and work performance.

4. Offer Free Food

Free food is something everyone will enjoy at the office. Consider providing your team with a free meal or two during the holidays. If you have a remote team, send them lunch deliveries.

Try and take staff suggestions for the kind of food they want so that no one is left out. Providing perks like free meals makes your employees feel cared for and valued. It’ll keep them happy and have an incredible effect on employee morale.

5. Throw an Office Christmas Party

With Christmas just around the corner, now’s the time to spread the holiday cheer and organize an office Christmas party. A party gives you the perfect chance to make staff feel appreciated for their effort.

You can make the event merrier by planning a secret Santa earlier and exchanging presents at the party. This will help strengthen work bonds and raise your team’s spirits. Plus, it’ll give your staff the opportunity to bond with each other in a relaxed, fun-packed setting.

The holiday party will be great for destressing at the office and giving your staff something to be excited about. It’ll be an incredible morale booster and go a long way in keeping your employees motivated.

Kick the Holiday Blues and Improve Productivity

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