Posted on May 25, 2023 in General

Follow-up matters. Statistics show that 60 percent of consumers say no 4 times before saying yes. So if you want to convert more leads to patients, you need an effective follow-up process. Proper follow-up lets you build a relationship with leads, which directly impacts conversions.

You can strengthen your lead follow-up by outsourcing to an expert company like MDprospects. MDprospects uses a top-rated lead management software that automates your lead follow-up, making the entire process more efficient.

Keep reading to learn more about when outsourcing your lead follow-up makes the most sense.

You Have a Small Team

Lead follow-up is time-consuming when done manually. Yet, it’s an integral part of your marketing strategy. Without it, hot leads can fast become cold. Your team requires time to follow up since most leads are usually not sales-ready.

As seen above, most leads usually say no the first couple of times. But many leads eventually come around because they’re impressed with your consistency and the value provided.

When you have a small team, there’s barely enough time in a day to follow up with leads. Consequently, many leads are dropped and not re-engaged.

Outsourcing reduces time spent by staff following up with leads and gives them more time to focus on the patients that come through your door.

With top-of-the-line lead management software, leads can be re-engaged with ease. You’ll be able to reach out to and convert more leads.

Your Staff Has Many Responsibilities

Lead follow-up can overwhelm your team, especially when they’re juggling multiple responsibilities.

Outsourcing your lead follow-up enables you to significantly trim your staff’s bloated to-do list. Lead management software improves your lead follow-up capabilities and frees up your staff to handle other crucial tasks.

Your Leads are Coming in Fast

Do you have a large influx of new leads? Speed to lead data proves that responding to those leads promptly while you’re still front of mind with them is critical. It dramatically increases your chances of converting more leads to patients.

When a potential patient contacts you, they’re most likely getting in touch with the competition too. Given that 35 to 50 percent of customers purchase from the first business that responds to them, your response speed is of the essence. Also, your prospects are likely busy, and persistence when following up will get you noticed when they’re ready to seek care.

So if your staff has difficulty keeping up, outsourcing is the way to go. Outsourcing will allow for fast follow-up when leads are still hot, giving you the best chance of converting them to patients.

You Need Accurate, Up-To-Date Data

All your leads are not created equal. Some are more valuable and worth going after than others. Because of this, you want your team to be primed before they reach out to prospects.

For your staff to know which leads to pursue and which ones to ignore, you need to score the leads you generate. Scoring is one of the vital features of best-in-class lead management software. The software can weed out the bad leads from the good leads.

Once you get the scores from your lead management software, your team can segment leads and assign a given action to every group.

For instance, bad leads can be dropped. On the other hand, leads looking for teeth whitening can be followed up with specific messages to entice them to book appointments.

And if there are leads interested in learning about the best tips for healthy teeth and gums, they can be added to your drip campaigns, where they receive educational content. This kind of approach helps optimize your lead conversion and drives more patients through your front door.

Automate Your Lead Follow-Up with MDprospects

MDprospects uses robust lead management software that gives you the ability to outsource a ton of work. With MDprospects, you can boost your speed to lead, reach more prospects, and increase conversions.

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