Posted on February 3, 2023 in General

Your physician liaison is at the heart of your referral strategy. They constantly touch base with referring doctors and practices to ensure you get a steady flow of referrals. With the right tools like Referify, you can supercharge your liaison’s efforts and get more patients coming through your front door.

Keep reading to learn more about Referify and how it can aid your liaison in achieving off-the-charts success.

What is Referify?

Referify is the first software platform of its kind for medical practices. It combines a web-based referral portal with an outreach tool for managing referring networks. Referify comes with core modules that can help your physician liaison attain maximum efficiency and grow referral volume. The modules include:


One of Referify’s core modules is reports. It enables your liaison to access real-time and historical data insights and conversion metrics from referring offices. Referify can make your liaison’s day-to-day activities easier, not to mention redefine their role.

The module has a dashboard, in addition to filters, and various charts and graphs to track and manage all physician relations and liaison outreach activities. Your liaison can review referral volume and growth shifts by practice and provider for any time period. That gives them the ability to measure the impact of their outreach efforts and adjust their approach accordingly.

For example, your liaison can pinpoint shifts in referral patterns. From there, they can reverse or stop network leakage as they identify it, understand the underlying causes, and develop action plans that resolve the issues.

Moreover, your liaison can proactively target referring offices, strengthen relationships, optimize their network, and ultimately drive more patient volume with insights gathered from Referify.


Your liaison is responsible for promoting your practice, treatments, and services. Strategic promotion can be attained using the outreach module. This core module is designed to assist with the management, nurturing, and coordination of members within your referring network.

For instance, your liaison can log visits and interactions with physicians. With that information at hand, they’re empowered to develop more meaningful provider relationships and increase patient referrals that get converted into appointments.


The referrals module saves time at various stages of the referral process. It enables the receiving and sending of referrals using a secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based electronic form. In turn, this does away with manual, redundant entries. The referrals module comes with an easy-to-use interface that lets your team communicate more effectively and engage productively with referring providers.

Communication between practices is vital for referral marketing, and Referify gives you the ability to do that quickly, efficiently, and conveniently. Most importantly, the tool ensures that patients get the care they deserve.

Referring doctors want to know that their patients are in capable hands when they refer them to your practice. It’s as simple as that. After patients have received care, you can send out the progress details as soon as possible. Clear communication combined with timely feedback boosts your reputation and brings in more referrals.


Practices that are easy to work with get more patients referred to them. That can be achieved with the schedule module that makes it convenient to schedule patients right away.

Referify enables you to close the loop on referrals and prevent appointment leakage. Using the schedule module, your practice can add an option to book patient appointments immediately after the referrals. This eliminates the frustration and inconvenience of a cumbersome phone tree system.

Fuel the Success of Your Liaison and Practice with Referify

Referify is a scalable tool that lets your liaison work more efficiently, gauge their efforts, and make timely changes to spur more patient referrals. Additionally, it allows your practice to maintain, grow, and strengthen referral relationships.

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