Posted on May 9, 2023 in General

According to a survey, 59 percent of consumers revealed that emails positively influenced their purchase decisions. This shows that emails are powerful and essential in your marketing strategy. Emails are very effective when it comes to patient engagement and acquisition. With the right content in your emails, you can build lasting relationships with existing patients and prospects, increase patient loyalty, and attract new patients.

Keep reading to learn how to create high-converting content in your emails to make your campaigns a success.

Structure of an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

There are different types of email marketing campaigns, including lead nurturing campaigns, welcome email campaigns, newsletter emails, seasonal email campaigns, promotional email campaigns, and cross-sell campaigns.

No matter your campaign, your emails should have the following to amp up your marketing efforts.

A Riveting Subject Line

A weak subject line will be marked as spam by 69 percent of email recipients. So make sure your subject lines are catchy to grab readers’ attention and increase the open rates.

Unlike weak subject lines like ‘Free Offer’ or ‘Take Action Now’ which can trigger spam filters, enticing subject lines such as “Avoid Tooth Decay” or “See Better Than Ever Without Contacts or Glasses” are more likely to be opened by prospects.

The secret is to create captivating, personalized subject lines while still keeping them short and sweet. Select subject lines that reel readers in, but also ensure your emails deliver as promised in your subject lines. You want to avoid clickbait email subject lines that annoy recipients and trigger most to hit the unsubscribe button.

A Personalized Message

Before anything else, ask yourself: “What will the reader gain from opening and reading my email? The key is to focus on what you can do for your potential patients. By providing value to prospects, you have a better chance of converting them into patients.

Healthcare consumers love personalization when it comes to messages. A study found that 70 percent of marketers who use advanced personalization see a 200 percent return on investment (ROI).

Needless to say, emails with personalized touches have higher open rates. Although you’re basically sending the same email to a list of subscribers, you can still make your messages feel as if you’re addressing one person.

One way to personalize your emails is by segmenting your prospects and then creating content that provides solutions to their pain points. Other great ways of personalizing your emails include:

  • Addressing recipients by their first names. Using readers’ first names allows you to connect with them on a deeper level.
  • Including dynamic content to resonate with prospects. This involves changing blocks of text and images in the email body. It’s typically based on things like the recipient’s gender, age, location, and occupation.
  • Using second-person narrative. Personalized words like “you” create a sense of connection between you and the reader.

Also, consider attaching images to your emails. Unlike a text-heavy message, emails with photos, infographics, or videos are more engaging. A study shows that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.

So with the right images, you can capture the attention of prospects, convey the intended message, and get readers to take the desired action. Make sure you add ALT text in your images. In case a subscriber can’t see the images in your emails, the text will save the day.

A Hard-Hitting CTA

A call-to-action (CTA) is a text hyperlink or button on your emails designed to encourage readers to take action. Your email marketing goals will determine the CTA you use.

For instance, if your marketing campaign aims to drive conversions, you want to include a CTA that entices readers to visit your practice.

Your emails should have a straightforward CTA that tells your potential patients what to do. CTAs like “Schedule Your Appointment” or “Book Your Comprehensive Eye Exam” offer prospects a clear next step, depending on what’s most relevant to their needs.

You should also provide a couple of prominent CTAs throughout your emails. Strategically placed CTAs drive action and increase your chances of clickthroughs and conversion rates.

Make Your Next Email Campaign a Success

Automating your email marketing with MDprospects will allow you to achieve more in less time and free up hours to focus on patients in your practice. What’s more, you’ll be able to ramp up your conversions and boost your bottom line.

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