Posted on July 29, 2022 in General

Plenty of vitamin D, vacations, camping trips, what’s not to love about summer? Summer is time for lots of sun and fun. It also offers creative ways to approach prospects and attract new patients to your practice.

Read on to learn top tips to power up your lead generation efforts this summer.

Educate Prospects

The long hours of daylight and the bright sunshine make summer the perfect time to educate prospects. If your practice has an optical boutique, you can educate potential patients about the impact of the sun on their eyes. Your target audience could be aware of the discomfort the sun creates after spending too much time outside without sunglasses.

However, most might not know that the sun’s harmful UV rays contribute to eye conditions like pterygium, early cataracts, and macular degeneration. Use this chance to point out how the high-quality sunglasses and polarized lenses in your optical shop can help protect prospects’ eyes.

You can send emails to educate patients. Another option is to post this information on your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Close with a link to your eyewear boutique where prospects can purchase eyewear. To make the deal even sweeter and entice potential patients, offer summer discounts for first-time buys.

Optimize Patient Relationships

There are many ways to ask for patient referrals. For instance, any time your patients thank you, receive compliments and further encourage them to share their amazing experience with others. That’s a very effective yet subtle way of requesting referrals.

You can be sure that when patients have great experiences, they’ll be more than willing to brag about your practice to family, friends, and even workmates. Remember, patient referrals are powerful. Healthcare consumers want the best possible experience. Thus, when your patients refer your practice to others, that recommendation is often a tipping point for deciding where to seek care.

Re-engage Old Leads

With kids out of school and many people taking time off from work or leaving early, summer is an ideal time to revive cold leads. Old leads are more likely to be responsive during summer since they’re more available. So reach out to your former leads again. Remind them about what you do and the solutions you can provide during this season.

For example, if you’re an ENT, create an email marketing campaign about summer allergies. Most people will still open their emails even on vacation or out enjoying the beautiful weather. But ensure that your email is mobile-friendly.

You have to bear in mind that while prospects are making the most out of summer, they want to conveniently and quickly scan emails from their smartphones or tablets without disrupting their lives.

In your email, talk about how grass and weed pollen is high during summer. Pollen might trigger allergies that may try to put a damper on summer fun if not addressed.

Let prospects know that in case of flare-ups, a summer break visit to your practice can provide the care needed for a healthy, happy summer. End with a CTA to book an appointment when needed.

By anticipating your lead’s needs and sharing helpful and timely information, you can keep your practice front of mind with prospects.

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