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How to Use Lead Management

Every successful practice depends on leads. For your practice to thrive, you need to convert leads to patients, and that means managing your leads effectively. Otherwise, poor lead management can result in missed follow-ups, lead leakages, and missed opportunities. Luckily, you can rely on a robust lead management system to manage your data efficiently. That… Read More

Yes, Integrations Matter with Your Lead Management Software, and Here’s Why

Leads are the driving force of any practice. A majority, if not all new patients started as a lead. Given that leads are essential, the question becomes, how can you effectively manage leads to drive conversions? This is where lead management software comes in. The software enables practices to capture, nurture, and finally turn leads… Read More

Teaching Your Staff How to Handle Patients Price Questions and Price Objections

lead management

After what you think is a successful consult, you expect your patient to say yes. Instead, you hear a response like, “it’s too costly!” Or “Why do you charge that much?” Of course, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Price questions and objections are the reason patients don’t say yes or decline treatment. Are… Read More

Consistency in Your Lead Process

Lead Management

Healthcare marketing presents a unique challenge: people don’t seek healthcare services until they need to. Unlike before, where this wasn’t a problem for practices, the competition nowadays is cutthroat. Chances are, you and your competitors are targeting the same qualified prospects. You can’t afford to take a “one and done” approach to your follow-up process…. Read More

The Importance of Seeing Beyond the “No”

lead management

The Importance of Seeing Beyond the “No” While a good number of patients say yes to a given procedure after their consultation, not all of them do. But if a patient tells you “No” after a consultation, it doesn’t outrightly mean the no is final. A “No” from a potential patient could imply they are… Read More

Toning In Your SMS Messages

SMS Toning

Toning in Your SMS Messages Practices have tapped SMS messages for more targeted and efficient prospect outreach efforts, given its high open rates. Below are three factors that need to be considered when communicating with your target audience in text messages. Spelling Spelling errors can change the meaning of your message, resulting in misinformation. You… Read More

Should You Text With Your Prospects?

SMS Texting

Should You Text With Your Prospects? Short answer, YES. Long answer, YES. But as long as you follow the rules. No other method rivals SMS in terms of reliability, reach, and open rates. Your prospects can easily skip over emails, and when they are opened, it might be after some time. Texting is almost instant,… Read More

Encourage Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews for Your Medical Practice Patient reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth. Prospects now research practices online before ever setting foot in a waiting room. In fact, 72 percent of patients rely on online reviews to find a new healthcare provider. Online reviews have the power to make or break your practice:… Read More

Automation Meets Personalization: Your Secret to Success

Marketing Automation

Automate Your Process, Not the Relationship There’s no denying that automation is a critical element to scale. It minimizes the cost and time of completing repetitive tasks while increasing efficiency and productivity. However, automation is often associated with processes that are cold and removed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The trick is… Read More

Best Practices For Patient Messaging

Lead Management

Best Practices for Patient Messaging The fact is, today’s generation of healthcare consumers is a lot different than 20 or even ten years ago. Healthcare consumers expect communication to be as easy and fast as possible, and most preferably from their mobile devices. One powerful tool that has been embraced incredibly well in the healthcare… Read More

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