Posted on June 16, 2021 in General

After what you think is a successful consult, you expect your patient to say yes. Instead, you hear a response like, “it’s too costly!” Or “Why do you charge that much?” Of course, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Price questions and objections are the reason patients don’t say yes or decline treatment.

Are you and your staff discouraged by such reactions? Don’t be.

If you’re afraid to talk about price, you leave the door open for your competitors to control the conversation. Instead, train your staff on how to handle price questions and objections with confidence, clarity, and info to back it up. This could convince patients to finally make up their minds and get the treatment they need rather than looking elsewhere.

Price objections and questions uncover areas of your patients’ concerns. You and your team need to identify and solve the actual issue that’s getting in the way of your patients moving forward with treatment.

For a lot of new patients coming in for a consultation or even calling your practice, the easiest way for them to pick you or your competition as their healthcare provider is the price tag. This further highlights the importance of training your staff on how to tackle patients’ financial questions.

How to Handle Price Questions and Objections

Some of the responses you’re likely to hear from prospects are far as cost questions and objections go are:

“You’re too expensive!”

“Why does the other practice charge way less?”

“The charges are more than I anticipated!”

“It’s not possible to afford that at the moment!”

“Is there anything you do about the pricing?”

These kinds of responses are the beginning of your journey with a prospect who is interested in your services. What you should do at this point is convince the potential patient you have what it takes to deliver exceptional care while addressing their price concerns.

For example, suppose a potential patient says you’re too expensive or the cost is more than they expected. In that case, take this approach instead of tap dancing around the question: teach your team to communicate the real value of your services, in addition to the time and process involved.

If possible, show them the before and after photos of a procedure, testimonials, and reviews left by patients. This can help potential patients understand why your services come at a given cost.

And when a lead says they can’t afford you or ask if there’s anything you can do about the cost, offer them alternatives. Say you’ve partnered with a financing firm or provide financing options. Educate them on the payment process. This will make it a lot easier for the patient to cover the cost of treatment.

Scripted Responses

Although you might not have the perfect answer to each and every question or objection, it’s best to be prepared. This where scripted responses can come to the rescue.

An excellent place to start is to ensure any time staff is faced with a tough question or objection, they write it down and share it with the rest. You’d be surprised someone in the office has a really great way of addressing the issue. This response can then be shared with other team members.

When it comes to scripted responses, you should emphasize the need for your team to:

  • Communicate openly and honestly with patients.
  • Acknowledge the objection or question. Here, staff should make sure the prospect feels understood.
  • Ask open-ended questions and be attentive to the prospect’s responses.
  • Find ways to clearly explain to the patient why your services are worth the cost.
  • Practice the scripted responses until they become really good at it.

Once a patient feels heard, understood, and has all the right answers and solutions, they’re unlikely to go to a competitor.

Give Your Leads the Transparency They Deserve

A crucial part of lead management is learning how to handle conversations with your prospects confidently, without driving them away. Remember, the end goal is to convert them to paying patients, and this means showing them why you’re the go-to practice.

Educate your team on how to intelligently handle price objections and questions to ensure a better patient experience. MDprospects will help you build stronger relationships and convert more leads to patients. To learn more about how we can help your practice grow, please schedule a quick demo today.