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5 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between LASIK Marketing And Lead Conversion

Billy Holcombe

Most LASIK practices rely heavily on new leads to grow their business, but when LASIK volume is flat month over month, it’s very common for marketing and sales (the refractive coordinator/counselor) to start pointing fingers. The person responsible for converting leads often claims that marketing is driving poor quality leads and marketing claims that the… Read More

Answering and Calling Web Leads

phone leads

The internet is a convenient and fantastic medium for generating new business, but a majority of sales leads that are generated mainly through online marketing are often closed offline in a more conventional sales process. The growth of the internet and digital marketing technologies in the last two decades has been a great boon to… Read More

A Tool That Organizes Information Keeps Tracking Lead Conversions Simple

When you get something new for your kitchen, do you know where you’re going to keep it? In our old apartment, my wife kept cinnamon and nutmeg in the drawer where we kept the rolling pin and cookie cutters. One day I asked why they weren’t with the other spices on the counter. “Because that’s… Read More

The Conversation with Cold Leads Starts Long Before You Pick up the Phone

I know a shop owner who makes a point of putting price tags on the bottom or back of the items she sells. She does it because she’s found that customers are more likely to pick up the item that catches their eye if the perceived barrier of cost isn’t in the way at that… Read More

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