Posted on March 8, 2016 in General

I know a shop owner who makes a point of putting price tags on the bottom or back of the items she sells. She does it because she’s found that customers are more likely to pick up the item that catches their eye if the perceived barrier of cost isn’t in the way at that initial moment. Once her customers have something in their hands, it’s much easier for them to imagine it being theirs, she theorizes, and price immediately becomes far less important to them. It’s a counterintuitive but awfully simple way to engage her clientele, and a reminder that there are many ways to keep a conversation going with leads.

When speaking with a client recently, we heard the sentiment “Well, I don’t want to be a pest” regarding making contact with cold leads. It’s true that no one likes to be pestered, and no one wants to suffer being perceived as a pest.

But let’s not forget that these are people who came to you seeking information about your services. As they take time with their decision, it’s in their interest – and yours – to let them be as informed as you can make them. Furthermore, let them know what makes your services better than what’s offered elsewhere – it’s an opportunity for you to declare what you love about your job, what you take pride in, why you decided to make a career in your field, what your place is in your community, and so much more. These things really do make a difference when a person is considering options. That’s not being a pest, that’s having a conversation. A conversation, it’s worth repeating, that your lead started.

As customers, we like to have strong relationships with the businesses where we spend our money. If a business doesn’t seem invested in us, it’s very hard for us to feel invested in the business, and if the business isn’t reaching out in some way before we decide to become customers, the business is very easy to take no notice of. Wouldn’t you be more likely to go somewhere else where it’s clear you’d be more appreciated as a customer?

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