Posted on April 4, 2016 in General

When you get something new for your kitchen, do you know where you’re going to keep it? In our old apartment, my wife kept cinnamon and nutmeg in the drawer where we kept the rolling pin and cookie cutters. One day I asked why they weren’t with the other spices on the counter. “Because that’s where all my baking stuff is,” she explained. It made perfect sense, really. What I thought was disorganized was actually organized very practically.

My wife and I have been slowly arranging our house, and it’s something we wish we’d started the moment we brought the first box through the door, because as it is there’s the ever-present task of figuring out what’s still in the basement. Is Aunt Victoria borrowing the muffin tins, or are they in a box of Christmas decorations?

Having my stuff – having my spaces – well-ordered makes me feel much more at ease. While I don’t consider myself a neat freak, I do find that tidiness lends itself to having more elbow room and facilitates getting things done. Even better if I can similarly organize my day with a dependable structure.

As an MDprospects employee, there has been a lot to learn about what this software is capable of. The moment when everything clicked for me, when I saw the big picture made of all of MDprsopects’ functions, was when I realized, “Aha! This is a well-crafted tool for organizing!” It actually does plenty more than that, but to my mind, the ability to organize as you see fit is the gear that keeps the rest of MDprospects turning so smoothly.

OK, back to my boxes of stuff for just a moment – Do you file your music collection by genre like rock & roll, r&b, folk, etc.? Or maybe strictly alphabeticaly by artist? But then do you arrange a band’s albums alphabetically by title, or chronologically by release date? MDprospects lets you categorize your leads any way you like, with as narrow or broad a focus as you need for a given task. Want to see all the people who heard about you on the radio and came in for a treatment in the summer? That’s easy. Want to see all the people who filled out a contact form on your landing page but haven’t yet scheduled a consultation? That’s easy. And that makes following up with leads easy, and it makes gauging the true value of your marketing efforts easy. It just makes working easier to not have a cluttered view.

Want to see all my 60’s soul singles but only the ones recorded by acts from Tennessee? That will take some time.

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