Posted on January 22, 2020 in Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight: Sophrona

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Reasons MDprospects suggests you check out Sophrona:

Premium Patient Portal

For more than a decade, Sophrona has set the standard in online patient-physician communication technology and software as a service for ophthalmology.

Sophrona is the power behind the #1 choice of nearly 2,000 eye doctors and clinical staff nationwide. Sophrona’s portal technology blends the self-service tools patients want with Sophrona Certified Meaningful Use Portal Technology. Together these provide you with the certified tools you need for critical patient engagement compliance, plus the tools to engage patients to comply.

Patients use interactive tools that appeal to their desire for 24/7/365 access to clinical summaries, medical charts, scheduling options, online payment, and communication with you. Your benefits are time-savings, improved patient flow in the clinic, maximized MIPS scores and increased revenue.

Referral Portal

Sophrona’s robust interface also allows your referring doctors to book appointments directly with your surgeons, to track patient care through your organization, and to monitor referral activity in your network. This allows you to stay more connected to the needs of your referring doctors. Sophrona’s Referral Portal streamlines the referral process from start to finish, increasing the engagement of referring doctors and patients.

A little more about them:

Since 2002, Sophrona has pioneered innovative technology that has been adopted by eye doctors, electronic medical records providers and practice management providers nationwide. Sophrona has steadily grown to become one of the premier providers of online communication technology in healthcare—with recognition as the preeminent provider exclusively for ophthalmology.

What we believe could have a significant impact on your 2020 goals: 

Increased Referrals!

One question. If there were an easy way to increase referrals, would this help your business? If you have said yes, you should contact Sophrona right away.

Sophrona’s Referral Portal is a unique, standalone tool for collaboration between your practice and your referral network. There are real-time status updates between doctors throughout the process with outcomes sent to referring doctors to close the feedback loop.

Sophrona Strengthens Doctor-to-Doctor Referral Management

Benefits for Your Practice

  • Grow Your Practice. Increased referrals = increased revenue.
  • Reduce Lost Referrals. Better patient compliance with instantly confirmed appointments.
  • Promote Brand Recognition. Increased prominence of practice brand.
  • Robust Analytics. Internal reporting for targeted collaboration.
  • Strengthen Your Referral Network. Gain insight into who is actively referring patients to your practice.
  • Nurture Relationship with Less Active Doctors. Transparency into inactive doctors providing an opportunity to reengage.

Benefits for Referring Doctors

  • Universal Technology. No EMR or health information system required.
  • No Phone Tag. No Faxing. Efficient communication for both practices.
  • Real-Time Scheduling. Referring to provider schedules appointment with you real-time before the patient leaves their office.
  • HIPAA-Compliant. Personalized relationships with HIPAA-secure messaging.
  • Feedback Loop. Both providers provide quality feedback with immediate status updates.
  • Information Exchange. Secure exchange of chart notes, tests, and images through secure messaging.

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