Posted on January 23, 2020 in General

Email marketing is one of the best ways to remain at the top of your patients’ minds. Having clever
email strategies will not only help increase your patient base but help retain the patients you currently

To make the most of your emails, be sure you are reaching out to the right people.

Dos for Email Blasts

  • Do Include a Logo or Text Link to Your Website
    An email can and should act as an extension of your other online marketing efforts. Linking the two
    allows for easier access.
  • Do Create a Lasting Subject Line
    Your email may be chock full of great information, but your patients won’t get that far if they aren’t
    intrigued to open it to begin with.
  • Do Incorporate Engaging Content
    Interactive and personalized content allow the practice to get more creative with what they are sending
    to their patients. Stay away from generic, boring text.
  • Do Send Your Emails Through an Online Service
    Online services, like MDprospects, help track your email’s success rate and helps keep an appropriate
    database of contacts.
  • Do Make Sure Your Emails are Accessible
    Making your emails accessible to your diverse patient base is extremely important. Adding ALT text to
    images allows people using screen readers to understand your content. Testing image contrast ratios
    will also enhance readability.

Don’ts for Email Blasts

  • Don’t Send Without Testing
    Finding mistakes in your email BEFORE you send it is key. Make sure to review, read, and re-read before
  • Don’t Write a Novel
    Keeping your email short, and to the point will help keep your patients engaged in the content of your
  • Don’t Forget Mobile Users
    Make sure you are optimizing your emails for mobile users. Over half of your readers will be using their
    phones to read your email, so keep the formatting simple and clean.
  • Don’t Use Attachments
    Instead of attachments, use hyperlinks. Emails with attachments are more likely to get caught up in
    spam filters. Attachments also increase the size of your email and could potentially cause performance
    issues. Email attachments are often lost when the email is forwarded hindering the message you are
    originally trying to get to your patient base.
  • Don’t Use Spammy Subject Lines
    When writing promotional subject lines, avoid using too many spam trigger words, such as “FREE!”, “50% OFF!” or “DEAL!” and stay away from using all-caps. These mistakes are a guaranteed way to ensure your email ends up in its recipient’s Spam folder, never to be seen, opened or read.

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