Posted on January 8, 2020 in Partner Spotlight


Partner Spotlight: ClearWave

Reasons MDprospects suggests you check out Clearwave’s patient check-in software:

  • More time for more patients: Clearwave check-in reduces 85% of patients’ time spent in the waiting room and improves processes, allowing you to deliver better care.
  • Customized Patient Intake: The patient check-in processes are tailored to each patient, resulting in a more personalized experience that eliminates redundancy.
  • Mobile Pre-Check™: From their home or on the go, patients use Clearwave’s Mobile Pre-Check™ solution to provide critical data and to sign any necessary forms.
  • Multilingual Patient Intake Support: With the click of a button, Clearwave’s patient intake messaging can be tailored to your patient’s language preference.
  • Real-Time Patient Eligibility Check: Check your patient’s insurance eligibility in real-time with Clearwave’s sophisticated insurance eligibility platform, Enterprise Eligibility™, one of the country’s best.
  • Automated Collections: No longer do your patients have to experience uncomfortable financial conversations at the front desk. Clearwave’s advanced collections technology automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests co-pays and past-due balances upfront.

 A little more about Clearwave Corporation:

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA., Clearwave is the leading provider of self-service kiosk registration and eligibility verification solutions. Clearwave’s solution dramatically reduces the time patients spend checking in and sitting in the waiting room. They verify patient demographics, insurance and process payments at the kiosk, resulting in improved cash flow and reduced costs.

Patient satisfaction improves as lines, paper forms, and redundant questions are eliminated and replaced with the convenience of rapid self-service check-in.

What we believe could have a significant impact on your 2020 goals:

Streamlined collections.

Improve your cash flow and collections rate with simple, streamlined patient collections solutions from Clearwave. Automating your collections process negates uncomfortable conversations at the front desk about past due balances. It also saves your staff time on calling large volumes of patients to collect past dues.

Clearwave’s advanced technology automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests co-pays and past-due balances upfront. This transparency changes the psychology of patient payment, driving double-digit increases in point-of-service collections.

Learn how Katzen Eye Group uses automated payments to increase collections: Download the case study.

Make it even easier for patients to pay their bills and for you to collect patient payments in 2020 by checking out Clearwave.

If you want to learn more, we encourage you to contact them today for a demo.