Posted on September 19, 2017 in General

In today’s world, the consumer has become more attuned to an experience in the retail and medical sector rather than just going to a business for a select service. Moreover, people want this experience to happen on their time. They want to be in control in some fashion. That is where the appointment feature in MDprospects comes in to help the consumer.

Appointment scheduling is a simple way to have people come to you organically and your practice will be able to capture and nurture those leads. By filling out a simple form which feeds directly into your database of leads, appointment scheduling makes it effortless for a person to become your patient and book a consultation at your practice. This feature puts the power back to the consumer while at the same time allowing you to control the flow into your practice.

Easily managed through your MDprospect​s, the online scheduler reduces double bookings and can be layered to reflect the available times of each of your practice’s locations, doctors, and procedures. You can choose to have multiple times during the day and week and turn MDprospects into your online scheduler. Or, choose to have set days with times to help your practice manage the influx of new patients in a streamlined manner.

· Real-time scheduling so when a lead picks their appointment time, that time disappears

· If a lead calls to book, with just a few clicks, you’ll have the appointment time reserved for them, and it will no longer appear online

· Send a confirmation email and appointment reminders with our auto-responders linked to when they the book an appointment

· Appointment reminders that help your new patient be on time for their appointment

· Choose what times are available and control how many slots your practice can have.

To learn more about the benefits of online scheduling and how MDprospects can help, schedule a demo today, or contact us using the form below.