Posted on September 8, 2017 in General

Real-time reports can help break down everything from your conversion rates to phone tracking.

Why can reports help your practice?

Real-time reporting tracks how each lead comes into your practice and shows the success of each event or campaign within your MDprospects. After a few months, you will have a better understanding of your ROI, and you will know what campaigns our sources are working for you. That way over time, you can cancel out what is not working for your practice and be able to expand what is. By using the source breakdown feature, your practice can monitor what marketing efforts are driving leads into your practice.

By using real-time reports, you can track the performance of your landing pages, phone calls, and conversion rates. You will be able to follow your leads from the consultation stage to the post treatment stage. Moreover, you can track where your leads are coming from around your area by monitoring their locations.

Where can I find these reports?

All your real-time reports can be found on the dashboard. This central location is home to everything from conversion rates to source breakdown and will be a benefit to any practice that is looking to track and record where their leads are coming from. From this location, you can see what forms are being filled out the most, how well your leads are converting, what visit is the most popular, and how well your practice is performing.

Real-time reports are one of the many features that makes MDprospects a must for any practice that wants to manage and nurture their leads through the sales process. If you want to lean more about MDprospects, fill out the form below or request a free demo today!