Posted on September 21, 2020 in General

What is a Blog and How Can it Help You Attract More Leads?

Having a blog is an effective way of showcasing your expertise. But many practices never write one, and if they do, they rarely update their content. Blogging should be an integral part of your marketing strategy for attracting more leads to grow your practice. Basically, blogging is like a funnel that drives the target audience to your practice and ultimately helps you increase revenue. One study proves the weight blogging carries: according to the research, over 60 percent of patients made their appointment purchase thanks to a blog they read.

Consistently updating your blog with informative and relevant articles not only enhances your credibility, but it also establishes trust between you and your prospects. Besides, it makes your leads feel more connected to your practice. The good news is, the more they feel connected, the more likely they are to seek your services.

Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

As a rule of thumb, always put the interests of your audience first. Other do’s of blogging include:

  • Curate interesting blog posts. The importance of having an interesting blog cannot be overemphasized. This means giving your audience useful and engaging content from FAQs to reminders to health-related tips and more. Great content defines your medical practice, and best of all, your prospects will love useful content. If your prospects are interested, they’ll keep reading and even share it with others, which is a plus for your practice.
  • Offer unique blog posts. Want to scale your lead generation, write exclusive content. There are many other blogs out there in your niche. That’s why it’s crucial to make yours stand out from the competition. Studies show that 55 percent of readers spend an average of 15 seconds going through an article. However, when you provide exclusive content, you give your audience a reason to spend more time on your blogs, therefore increasing your chances of getting leads to convert.
  • Outsource or dedicate a person. If squeezing in blogging into your already hectic schedule is going to be an issue, you should consider dedicating a person to be in charge of all your blogging efforts, or outsource if necessary. That way, your blog will have the same voice, and everything will remain professional and uniform across the board.

Here are some of the things to avoid when blogging:

  • Your blog shouldn’t come off outrightly as one big sales pitch. You risk losing your leads altogether. A better approach would be to keep them hooked by posting genuinely useful and interesting blogs.
  • Poorly written posts. Having a poorly written blog with factual errors and grammatical mistakes is a recipe for disaster and might reflect badly on your practice.

In a nutshell, a well-curated and maintained blog helps your practice by:

  • Boosting your organic search traffic
  • Increasing keyword rankings on Google and other search engines
  • Offering great content to share across different social media platforms
  • Providing answers to frequently asked questions by your target audience
  • Demonstrating your experiential knowledge, thus keeping your leads coming back regularly to read

Blogging establishes your authority as a thought leader in your niche. Being labeled as a thought leader makes you the go-to site in your area of expertise and gets you free marketing. It will also aid your practice to rank at the top of search results, therefore attracting more leads.

With the help of blogging, your practice will be able to acquire, serve, and retain more patients profitably. So, why not show off your years of experience through blogging.

Blogging for A Better Practice

Blogging comes with many benefits. By getting in on the action and remaining consistent, you stand to generate more quality leads and convert them into loyal, paying patients. Blogging, coupled with an effective lead management strategy from MDProspects, can help your practice become more successful, which is what any physician desires at the end of the day. To see how MDProspects can benefit your practice, please schedule a demo today.