Posted on February 5, 2021 in General

What are You Doing About No-Shows?

Patient no-shows are a pain point of every medical practice. No-shows equal lost revenue, and that’s a big deal for any practice. So, why are your patients not showing up, and how can you make sure they don’t miss appointments so often? Regardless of why a patient missed their appointment, there are effective ways of minimizing no-shows.

  • Provide Online Scheduling

Beyond automated appointment reminders, you can also use online scheduling. Self-scheduling offers a more convenient option for patients. Your patients can book a time that best fits their schedule, increasing their chances of showing up.

Additionally, patients would rather not come at all than call to cancel their appointment last minute. But with online scheduling, your patients will feel more in control of their care. If they wish to cancel for any reason, they can easily do so without feeling bad about canceling over the phone. Moreover, patients are more likely to reschedule rather than cancel last minute.

  • Draft A Written Cancellation Policy

One effective way of getting patients through your front door is writing and enforcing a no-show policy. New patient paperwork should include reading and signing a missed appointment policy. Further, you can have the cancellation policy posted as a sign at your front office so that everyone knows what to expect when they skip appointments. For instance, you can charge a fee for missed appointments. This will help minimize your no-show rates.

  • Follow-Up on Missed Appointments

At times, your patients do not intentionally miss their appointments. They double book themselves or completely forget about their upcoming appointments. Instead of following up days later, send them a ‘sorry we missed you’ message immediately and urge them to reschedule. This will go a long way in ensuring your patients don’t skip their future appointments.

  • Reduce the Time Spent in Your Waiting Room

Most people have hectic schedules that they often squeeze in their appointments. Asking your patients to wait half an hour or more will increase the chances of them not showing up for their next appointment because they feel you don’t value their time. Such no-shows can eventually lead to lost patients.

Partner with MDprospects and Reduce No-Shows

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