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Why Sending Birthday Emails is so Important

Birthday emails are an excellent way to re-engage your patients with your practice. Reminding your patients just how special they are to your practice will strengthen your practice’s relationship with the customer. Why should you send Birthday Emails? Birthday emails have a higher transaction rate, higher revenue per email, and high unique click rates than… Read More

Simple Rules for Effective Email Campaigns

Email blasts are an excellent way to communicate with your leads and existing patients/clients. It’s no surprise that – probably because of the prevalence of smartphones – email has become the most preferred method of communication for consumers in America[1]. It’s more convenient than ever to read an email immediately. An email blast is a… Read More

The Conversation with Cold Leads Starts Long Before You Pick up the Phone

I know a shop owner who makes a point of putting price tags on the bottom or back of the items she sells. She does it because she’s found that customers are more likely to pick up the item that catches their eye if the perceived barrier of cost isn’t in the way at that… Read More

Keeping Your Cold Leads Warm This Winter

At MDprospects, we often get the chance to help our clients with their marketing campaigns, specials, and events. We can help them identify the leads who have shown interest but are noncommittal, make a successful send list for practices who want to send an email blast, and even design those emails, whether they’re about a… Read More

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