Posted on February 8, 2016 in General

At MDprospects, we often get the chance to help our clients with their marketing campaigns, specials, and events. We can help them identify the leads who have shown interest but are noncommittal, make a successful send list for practices who want to send an email blast, and even design those emails, whether they’re about a seasonal special or an informational seminar.

It’s always interesting to see our clients’ approaches to their specials and events in the winter. Some advertise suggesting getting (or giving) corrective vision surgery for Valentine’s Day, for example. To be fair, in the winter months it’s a challenge to find reasons to get leads excited. The joyous commotion of the holidays is long gone, we barely see the sunshine, and the weather is … well, as Garrison Keillor put it, March was designed to show people who don’t drink what a hangover is like. It’s hard to make plans when there’s always the chance a blizzard will come, and most of us just want to stay home and tough it out.

But even that annual misery can be used to your advantage. Remind people that spring is coming – really, it is! – and that its welcome verdancy will be even more glorious with clear vision. All the vibrancy that springtime provides ought to be seen in full, after all.

So I don’t think you necessarily have to find a holiday to make your message worthwhile. It’s more important to keep your practice and its services at the top of your leads’ minds so that when you have a promotion, it’s even more enticing since they’ve been thinking about you.

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