Posted on November 24, 2020 in General

The Importance of Sending Email Blasts During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year yet again. The holidays are upon us. What does it mean for you? It means your practice has a chance for retargeting leads by sending holiday email blasts. That said, it’s critical not to forget your existing patients. Besides, better retention will lead to more referrals, and the best new patients are often from referrals. Your practice can benefit from email marketing during the holidays in many ways, including retention and lead generation.

Lead Generation and Retention

Around this time of year, many people already have a spending mindset. This makes it the perfect time to send out emails with holiday discounts to specific leads or leads that have not committed yet. Your holiday specials don’t have to be huge. It could be as simple as 10 percent off different procedures or a free gift such as a skincare product, with any treatment. When you have specials, you’ll considerably increase the likelihood that your leads will find time in their busy holiday schedules to visit your practice.

As the year comes to a close, yet another great way to encourage leads to show up at your practice or urge your patients to come for pending treatment is by sending out emails. Remind them they can allocate their unused HSA/FSA benefit toward treatment. Remember to make your patients and prospects aware that if they do not utilize their flex spending dollars, they will end up losing them.

Also, personalizing your holiday emails to specific patients is a deeper level of targeting. Beyond the first and last name, include details on positive results they have achieved as a result of using your healthcare services. You can even have a holiday-related incentive for patients who refer a friend or family to your practice. Exclusive campaigns will go a long way in keeping your practice busy during the holidays, not to mention they make your patients feel special.

Further, you can promote gift certificates in your email blasts. Gift certificates are especially effective when you have attractive services. For example, if you run a chiropractic service, you can offer gift certificates for acupuncture sessions. To ramp up this tactic, consider providing an incentive to get your leads and existing patients to purchase a certain amount to qualify for the gift certificate. Who does not love a good deal? With all the holiday spending, your prospects and patients will be thrilled by special offers that enable them to save some cash.

Sending Email Blasts with A Plan

Rolling out a perfectly executed email campaign that is as engaging as it is effective is key to successful outcomes. It’s essential to send a crystal clear message to prospective patients. Your focused message needs to really convey why leads should come to your practice and not your competitors. For example, “Your go-to practice for your holiday dental needs” won’t make much of an impact. If you are aiming to ensure your prospects respond to your holiday emails and take action, your message has to emphasize what they stand to benefit from. “This month, get teeth whitening specials before your holiday parties” is a better headline. Your leads know why and when they should visit your practice.

The best part about a well-executed email blasting campaign is that it can last well into the new year. And, your leads and patients will see your practice not just as any practice, but their favorite—one they will not hesitate to go to in the months that follow.

Capitalize on the Holidays to Retarget Your Leads

A potent marketing tool your practice can reap tremendously from is a promising lead list from MDprospects. So, channel the spirit of the holiday season into email blasts to your leads, theming your content around the holidays. Then take it a notch higher by increasing the frequency of the email contact with your leads to make sure you remain top-of-mind throughout the holiday season and well into the new year. To find out how MDprospects can benefit your practice, please schedule a demo today. Happy Holidays from all of us at MDprospects.