Posted on December 8, 2020 in General

The Importance of Educating Leads in Your Emails on What to Expect and Options

Not many people would ignore an email from their doctor. So, if your practice takes advantage of email marketing, you have a captive audience, an edge over the competition, and a chance to improve patient care and drive conversions. Whether your medical practice is established or new, your practice stands to benefit from the most powerful tool-email, and this is how:

  • Building Personal Connections

Relationships are critical to any practice. Prospective patients will more likely use the services and products of a practice they know and trust. One that consistently takes the time to educate them on relevant matters they are interested in.

  • What Better Way to Reconnect with Lapsed Patients?

It’s not too uncommon to have some practices only get in touch with their patients when they want them to pay their bills or renew their services. Given the amount of competition, it’s quite easy to switch practices. But you can turn the tide by using emails. Emails allow you to keep your patients updated with the latest happenings and events of your practice. Think of messages like health tips and talk about other services your patients may be interested in.

Other advantages of educating leads in your emails include:

  • Raising awareness of your full range of products and services
  • Re-engaging leads
  • Improving health awareness and patient care
  • Converting leads into loyal, paying patients
  • Creating a loyal database to market your practice

How Can You Educate Your Leads?

Here are three examples of how you can educate your leads, depending on the services and products your practice offers. Such emails will draw renewed interest and attention from your prospective patients.

  1. Your potential leads might be concerned about the cost of cataract surgery, even though it’s medically necessary. Tell them that many health insurance programs will cover the entire cost of treatment, but some will stop short of covering premium IOLs. This information will encourage leads who are shying away from seeking the life-changing procedure they need to get help.
  2. It’s no surprise that many of your leads might think that LASIK is the only effective vision correction procedure to reduce their dependence on contact lenses or prescription glasses. So, when they do not qualify for LASIK, they might not bother looking for options other than LASIK. Why not send out emails letting them know of equally effective alternatives like PRK, LASEK, and RLE (Refractive Lens Exchange). Go ahead and advise your leads that you help them determine the vision correction procedure that best fits their medical needs, prescription, and lifestyle.
  3. Today, many patients need more from practices other than traditional medical treatment. They are now turning to medical spas to improve how they look and boost their confidence. And with med spas rarely accepting insurance, you can choose to educate your leads on the quality of your services. For instance, demonstrate a commitment to luxury, safety, and serenity. Don’t skimp on proving to potential patients that your medical spa is worth every penny. This will make them confident of stepping into your practice.

Automating Your Emails

One of the greatest benefits of emails is scheduling emails to send automatically. You can utilize automation to save time and simplify your efforts to bring in more patients. Remember, regularly themed and relevant content is a must. These kinds of emails build the trust of your subscribers and engage them. It also makes your prospective patients look forward to reading your emails.

The Big Picture

Emails are the perfect tools for interacting and engaging with your leads. You can connect with them on a personal level and convert them into paying, repeat patients. Through emails, you can present your practice to prospects as the personable, trusted brand it is. But, you need to have qualified leads in the first place. That’s where MDprospects comes in. MDprospects can take the guesswork out of lead generation by taking over your new patient acquisition and management. To find out how, please schedule your demo today.