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How to Import Leads that Did Not Come Through a Traditional Webform

Managing Referrals

Live Chat: Why You Need It and How MDchatbot Can Help

Reply Templates: The Balance Between Automation and Personalization

SMS Best Practices

Benefits of Using the “Assigned To” Column

Personalizing Your MDprospects: Adding and Organizing Categories

Monthly Progress Report

How to Merge Duplicates

The User Report: What is it and How Can it Help my Practice?

How to Export and Search for Leads

The Fundamentals of the Prospect Report

The Flash Report – Why Use It


The Fundamentals of the ROI Report




Tracking Referrals Through MDprospects


Outreach Made Easy with Email and SMS Reply Templates


New Enhancements to MDprospects
May 2022


Importance of Automatic Responders


Reporting Made Easy with the New Dashboard

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