Posted on August 26, 2020 in General

Automate Your Process, Not the Relationship

Patient demands have never been higher. They want flawless healthcare services, answers to questions, and personalized experiences. In order to cope, automating your process will help you manage leads and maintain a strong relationship once they become paying patients. 

A study conducted by Aberdeen revealed that firms that adopt marketing automation have a 107 percent higher lead conversion. Marketing automation has proved beneficial to different industries in more ways than one, and automation in medical practices is no different. 

If you’re probably wondering why you should automate your process, here’s a closer look at some of the biggest benefits:

  1. Automation allows you to fine-tune your strategy and maximize efficiency. This gives your practice more time to focus on the most important aspect-providing exceptional care to patients. 
  2. It also saves time by enabling you to set up marketing campaigns—that way, you won’t have to press ‘send’ manually on each and every text or email you create. You can set it, forget it, and focus on enhancing the care experience. 
  3. Automated, consistent, and targeted campaigns that are deeply personalized improve engagement with prospects and significantly increase your chances of successful lead conversions.

MDProspects automation process is designed to scale alongside your practice and to:

  • Simplify the lead management process
  • Drive increased patient conversion rates 
  • Streamline follow-up and lead nurturing
  • Reduce and optimize marketing investments
  • Increase response rates of confirmation

What Does Automating Your Process Mean for the Prospect Journey?

Prospect journeys are the total of individually tailored experiences with your practice. With automation, you can personalize every interaction based on real patient data to create seamless, ongoing journeys at every level. Automation lets you reach prospects regardless of where they are in the lifecycle—from acquisition all the way to advocacy. You’ll be able to deliver relevant, timely content that reaches prospects, how, when, and where they are, converting them into loyal, paying patients.

Building A Real Connect with Prospects

So, is automating your process worth the investment? It definitely is. It will help you reach as well as nurture leads, without adding a lot of work for you.

Automation lets your practice convert leads in a scalable way. In addition, it simplifies your practice’s lead management process, but it doesn’t have to take away from creating personalized connections. While automation will boost the efficiency of your practice and save you time, getting personal will delight your leads.

It’s crucial to add a human touch to your emails and texts by creating personalized messages to build a relationship with prospects and make them feel you’re genuinely invested in their well-being. This will go a long way in assuring your leads that even when they become paying patients, your practice will still offer the same level of care and concern. 

For instance, you can send targeted information to prospects that make sense to their health situations. Instead of providing general information that might or might not apply to them, you can send useful answers to potential concerns and questions. By automating your texts and emails to send educational and helpful information about personal healthcare topics regularly, you can become a trusted expert to potential patients. 

Ultimately, personalized, relevant communication will build a real connection with prospects, increase engagement, and lead to conversions, growing the bottom line of your practice. 

Automation-The Best Medicine for Your Practice

You can increase lead conversion by automating your process. Using MDprospects, your practice can consistently and efficiently connect with prospective patients without spending a ton of time sending emails and texts manually. By sending consistent, personalized messaging to your prospects, your practice is more likely to remain top of their minds when they need health care. For more information about how MDprospects can help you automate your process, please schedule a demo today.