Posted on March 18, 2020 in Partner Spotlight

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Partner Spotlight: Glacial Multimedia

Reasons MDprospects suggests you check out Glacial Multimedia:

Web Design

Glacial Multimedia creates award-winning medical website designs. Glacial’s custom website designs capture your brand and set the stage for incredible patient experience. They believe that patient education, beautiful design, and user experience are not mutually exclusive concepts.

ADA Compliant

Glacial provides ADA compliant websites for our base of practices.

Not every website firm even knows about such standards. You need to find a website design company that can clearly describe how to make a website compliant. They should be versed in the WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines and be able to discuss the functionality. They should be able to explain: contrast toggles, audio elements, text alternatives, adaptable structures, and font re-sizers.

Audio and Video Production

Glacial Multimedia offers top-notch audio and video production capabilities, as well as more affordable mid-level solutions. They do not use a “one size fits all” approach and listen to your needs to deliver the highest possible quality at reasonable prices.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy

It can be challenging to know where to begin with a digital marketing strategy. With over fifteen years of internet marketing planning experience, Glacial can help your medical practice create a roadmap for success. With a focus on branding, visibility, and conversions, their marketing planning can help to generate leads and get new patients through the door!

A little more about them:

Since the year 2000, Glacial Multimedia, Inc. has been employing cutting-edge technology to bridge the gaps between medical practices and their patients. By integrating a mix of medical website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, web video/audio production, website analytics, social media optimization, and software development, they create ideas that succeed. Glacial Multimedia has dedicated the best talent and hardest working individuals to create Internet marketing solutions that help expand the goals of our clients. The Glacial team is some of the most exceptional marketing strategists, art directors, software developers, programmers, copywriters, website analysts, and business development leaders.

What we believe could have a significant impact on your 2020 goals: 

· Working with names that know you and your practice!

You ever tried to contact a company and talk to 10 different people before you get where you need to? At Glacial Multimedia, it is different. With their unique client management and specialties departments, you’ll work with names, not ticket numbers.

The client managers are beyond dedicated to making sure clients stay happy. There’s something fresh and innovative about being able to call them up whenever you need them. Your client manager is your personal internet marketing consultant for ALL things digital. This includes your website, SEO, new campaigns, targeted ads, and fresh info from being a Premier Google Partner on your paid Google ads. You’re never in the dark at Glacial, and your client manager makes sure of that.

If you’re going to be successful, you need to trust the work is in talented and knowledgable hands. At Glacial they have specialists. Yes, the client managers are experts on the specialties offered, but they go even deeper by having teams devoted to learning targeted areas of digital marketing. It’s no wonder they have been a Google Premier Partner since 2014

When it comes to digital marketing, it is essential to stay fresh and on top of the newest trends! Content marketing is about capitalizing on your current successes in digital marketing. Through the creation of content like white-papers, blogs, videos and more, they can build you a content marketing strategy.

Most medical practices don’t have the time to sit and create content, but they do. Let their content marketing specialists help you dominate your field.

Need help in an ever-changing marketing field such as Internet marketing? Contact Glacial today for a free web assessment.