Posted on October 7, 2016 in General

I’d like to tell you about a client of ours and how they identified and solved a problem.

This client had been running a Facebook ad for a few months. With their MDprospects, they were able to see exactly how many LASIK leads were filling out the Request a Consultation form that was specific to this Facebook campaign. It was a lot – hundreds per month, which was remarkable since they do business in a very competitive market. In any given month, more than half their LASIK leads were coming to them from that Facebook form, anywhere from 59%-74%.

How do we get this prospect to commit?

However, even though their MDprospects can help them follow up with automated emails to these leads and reminders to staff members, almost no one was actually scheduling a consultation.

Someone at the practice had a terrific idea to address this. They would offer a special price just to those leads who had filled out that Facebook form. To enact this, the practice got in touch with us to create an autoresponder to be sent in response to that form being submitted. So within moments, any LASIK lead who requested a consultation by way of Facebook would receive an email letting them know that if they booked treatment that month, they would get $1,000 off the cost of surgery.

If that sounds like an awfully good deal, that’s because it is. But the practice was paying a lot to run this campaign and weren’t yet seeing any conversions from lead to treatment, so offering this discount was a smart way of making it more worth the while of both the practice and its leads, and thus increase the return on investment of their Facebook advertising.

Being able to track their marketing efforts with MDprospects’ real-time reporting made it easy for those at the practice to identify the under-performance of a particular ad, and their quick thinking turned things around so that their efforts and budget weren’t being wasted.

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