Posted on May 29, 2018 in General

If you run a medical practice, especially one with elective procedures, you know the importance of capturing leads, nurturing them while they are in the decision-making process, and retaining them as patients post-treatment. You spend marketing dollars to generate leads, but are you prepared to qualify those leads once they start coming in? Are you able to accurately track your conversion rates and ROI? A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system has the tools to help you do just that!

Imagine running your practice with post-it notes..things would get crazy in a hurry! When you use a CRM that allows you to track your online leads, your communication with new and existing patients will flow smoothly. You will know exactly where the lead is in the sales cycle and be able to reach out to the ones that have not committed. These tasks can be automated, freeing up valuable staff time. That means fewer missed opportunities and happier patients.

A lead tracking CRM will give you a complete snapshot of potential patients. This will help you and your team personalize your communication and address a lead’s specific area of interest. Continued engagement with potential patients increases the chances that they choose your practice over another. What are they inquiring about? Does your practice do seminars? Do you offer financing? What other services do you offer? Let them know!

Gathering all this information is great, but how do you use it to improve your bottom line? Built-in reporting will give you “real-time” analysis and up to the minute reports without all the hassle that goes into creating them manually. Maybe your radio ads did not lead to conversions. Perhaps your social media pages are not performing as well as you’d like them to. Your reports will help you manage those marketing dollars and direct them to campaigns that are capturing and converting the most leads, giving you the best ROI.

Now that your lead is your patient, staying in touch post-treatment is as important as initial contact. Send automated texts or emails thanking them for choosing your practice, congratulate them on birthdays or anniversaries, or reach out with special offers on other services they may have expressed interest in.

Happy patients will return to your practice, refer new patients, and continued engagement will make your patients feel valued!

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