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Encourage Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

Encourage Patients to Leave Reviews for Your Medical Practice Patient reviews are the modern-day word-of-mouth. Prospects now research practices online before ever setting foot in a waiting room. In fact, 72 percent of patients rely on online reviews to find a new healthcare provider. Online reviews have the power to make or break your practice:… Read More

A Strategy for Reviews and Reputation

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part Three As mentioned in our previous two blog entries, we’re featuring parts of an interview with Michael Dobkowski of MDidentity. This interview happened because we wanted to revisit the topic of a blog from last year – The Power of Reviews. Even though it had only been about a… Read More

Why Your Response to a Bad Review Matters More Than the Review

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part One This blog entry is different from what you normally read here. Wanting to revisit the topic covered in a previous post, the power of reviews, I spoke with Michael Dobkowski of Glacial Multimedia for his insight. He is the product manager for MDidentity, a tool for reputation management…. Read More

How Do You Get People to Write Reviews of Your Practice?

The Power of Reviews Revisited, Part Two Unlike our usual blog posts, this is part of a short series which feature an interview with Michael Dobkowski, Product Manager of the reputation management software MDidentity. I spoke with Dobkowski because I wanted to revisit the topic of one of our previous blogs, the power of reviews,… Read More

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