Posted on February 19, 2020 in Partner Spotlight


Partner Spotlight: OptiCall

Reasons MDprospects suggests you check out OptiCall:

Phone Answering Program:

A seamless integration that maintains the patient’s perspective that their counselors are part of your practice. Plus, programs that are tailored to represent your practice with proper and updated information.

Patient Recovery Program:

Practices have thousands of patients that are due or overdue for appointments. One of the most cost-effective ways to maximize your investment into your practice is by booking follow-up appointments with existing patients.

Web Lead Response Management Program:

If you are worried that you do not have people to answer your web leads, OptiCall can work with MDprospects to field every web response, and follows up based on the prospect’s preferred method of contact – email, phone or text.

A little more about them:

Based out of University Park, FL, OptiCall routinely handles over 100k annual phone calls across all elective medical industries. OptiCall functions as an extension of your staff, answering your patient calls for the practice as seamless integration. From the patient’s perspective, they are simply part of your office team.

What we believe could have a significant impact on your 2020 goals:

·   Increased Conversions. Do not let that phone go unanswered!

“94% of marketing budgets are spent on persuading a customer to call.
Only 6% of marketing budgets are spent on answering the call.”

Since 2002, OptiCall’s focus is on the improvement of the call and prospect handling process for medical practices. Their industry experience includes, but is not limited to, Ophthalmology, Plastic, Cosmetic and Aesthetic procedures. The objective is to help the practice turn prospects into patients. As a result, their conversion rates are consistently 15-25% above industry standards.

With all of their programs, they can reduce lost leads and increase business by turning more prospects into patients.

Want to know if you need Opticall for your practice? Request a free practice assessment from them today.