Task Management

What is Task Management?

Task Management with MDprospects is the driving force of any effective patient lead funnel. With Task Management, you won’t need to remember where leads are in your funnel. Staff will be tasked to make calls, create follow-up emails and change lead records all within the MDprospects lead dashboard. Your daily tasks will drive your day-to-day work so you’ll never miss a conversion. 

How Does it Work?

MDprospects personalizes a lead follow-up schedule that works best for your practice. For example, if you get a new LASIK lead, an automated task would be placed on your front office person to make a call to that person ASAP. Once the task is completed, you can mark the task as complete or assign a new one based on the outcome of that call. 

Task Management will help you:
  • Never forget a lead in your funnel
  • Track the efficiency of your staff
  • Close more new leads, quicker, faster and smarter than ever before

Why is Task Management Important?

Lets’s face it; you’re busy! We are all human and it’s easy to forget an important follow-up task in the midst of a hectic workday. Task Management is here to remind you of what is needed to be done before the doors get locked for the evening. It is the most simple and critical feature of any lead management software. No more need to remember the events of yesterday in order to structure your day today. It’s all listed right in MDprospects for you.