What is Reporting?

With Reporting, you will have access to real-time reports of lead activity from online form submissions and phone calls.

Dashboard Tracking

Never again feel in the dark about your ROI. From the dashboard in MDprospects, you can track how each lead comes to your practice and the success of each campaign.

After a few months, you will:
  • Know what is working and what you can change to help your practice continue to grow.
  • Track your landing pages to see which one is getting you the best lead generation.
  • Follow your leads based on their location in relation to where your practice is located.

Moreover, reporting and dashboard tracking with MDprospects will help you know which referring doctors are sending you the best leads.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Report features include:
  • The dashboard gives you and your practice immediate insight, so you’ll know right away how well you are converting leads
  • Performance metrics on your landing pages, phone calls, and more
  • Which forms are being filled out the most
  • How well the leads from those forms are converting
  • Where those leads are geographically located in relation to your practice
  • The best marketing sources that help with conversion
  • Calculate which OD is sending you the best leads and how well they are converting

Contact us to see how reporting can help advance your practice, and help you obtain more patients.