Live Chat & Chatbots

Opening another line of communication to your practice for leads and patients is one of the quickest methods of customer services you can offer. Our secure integrated chatbot & live chat system called MDchatbot will take user engagement to the next level and help you convert more prospects into patients.

Live Chat Features

Live chat will help make you available to curious leads, keep a log of your chats, and manage those leads as you would any other.

Visitors to your website can:
  • Contact a person at your practice with just a click
  • Get their questions answered
  • Have files sent to them
  • Submit questions even when you’re offline, helping your practice interact with a larger customer base.

What you’ll get:

  • Transcripts of chats are emailed to you
  • Chat logs are pulled in to MDprospects where notes can be taken, and leads can be followed up with.
  • The lead can then be managed in the same manner as another other lead in MDprospects

In addition to Live Chat, MDchatbot offer an AI based chat bot feature, which enables a 24/7 virtual assistant to be present on your website to interact with leads and patients, giving them quick and easy access to useful information.

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