Event Management

With MDprospects you can easily manage your upcoming events and stay organized.

Examples of events to manage would be:

  • Cataract seminars
  • Cosmetic luncheons
  • Webinars
  • Open Houses
  • Any other event where you are inviting the public to learn more
  • CE Events

You can add the events with ease to MDprospects and have them automatically populate the website with the event details (as well as automatically remove it once the event has passed).

Some of the key features of event management are:

  • Online registration forms integrated with your website
  • Management of your roster
  • Detailed lead reports by month & location
  • Automated email invites, email reminders, and email follow-up
  • Track conversion rates of each seminar/event & the marketing efforts that got them there
  • Send automatic responses to both those who attended and were absent from your event

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