Call Tracking

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking with MDprospects records information about incoming telephone calls. Call tracking uses a unique local or toll-free number for each campaign you are running. This number will forward to the mainline at your practice. This technology allows the use of phone call tracking associated with performance-based advertising, such as Google AdWords, SEO, and displays marketing ads so you can track which campaign you are running is generating which calls.

How Does it Work?

MDprospects is integrated with Twilio, so you’ll have a wealth of relevant information about your callers, and about which of your campaigns are driving their calls.

Call Tracking will help you:
  • Dramatically improve your return on investment
  • Grow your conversion rates
  • Help you run more effective campaigns

Why is Call Tracking Important?

You will want to know which of your campaigns are generating incoming calls, which can help you maintain future marketing efforts, and tailor them to your potential patients. This is effective since it happens in real-time as the leads are coming in, so adjustments can be made, and your resources/campaigns can be adjusted accordingly.

Turning Leads into Patients

MDprospects lets you treat each call like a lead, making it easy to follow up with potential patients.

You will be able to:
    • Add notes about each lead for future tracking purposes
    • Get insight for every caller, from the web page they visited the search that got them to it
    • Easily keep track of how far along a caller is in your lead process

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