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Secure Live Chat System for Medical Practices

Enhance the patient experience and improve conversion rates by using text, audio and video chats.

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Simple & Powerful

Our secure live chat system will take user engagement to the next level and help you convert more prospects into patients.

Secure & Integrated

HIPAA Secure Chat is securely encrypted, and can be integrated with MDprospects CRM system to deliver a seamless experience.

Available 24/7

Even if your live agents are not online, the chatbot will be available 24/7, ensuring your leads don’t fall through the cracks.


Open live chat conversations on your desktop and continue the conversation on your mobile device for a cross platform experience.


Our system is running on Linux servers, using a combination of PHP, Python and Java code.


We will sign a BAA with you, and all information is encrypted in rest and in transit. In addition, the system is hosted in a high security, dedicated HIPAA compliant network environment.